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Welcome to Supermarionation Forever! This site is dedicated to the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, with specific emphasis on their popular Supermarionation series, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The new Hypermarionation version of Captain Scarlet has also been included in detail.

There are many sites across the internet that give in-depth details of these masterpieces, both official and unofficial. My intention is to provide a basic overview of the plot and characters involved in each series, and also to allow the fans of these series an outlet for their creative abilities.

I must admit to a certain fondness for the Captain Scarlets in particular. I guess I prefer the darker nature of the series which seems to attract fans from so many age groups.

Whatever your tastes, I hope that there is something here to suit you. If not, check the links page, which will be able to connect you to other related sites.

I do not own any of the series mentioned in this website. The copyrights of the earlier works all belong to, as far as I know, Carlton International, a subsidiary of Granada Television. The characters belong to the estate of Gerry Anderson. "New Captain Scarlet" belongs to Granada Ventures and Sony. The characters were created by Anderson Productions Ltd. I can only hope that I have done justice to their original ideas. This is meant only as a fan site, and I do not make a penny from it (in fact, it costs me money to run). Please don't sue me.

All characters in fan fiction not taken from the various series belong to the respective authors, and permission should be sought before using them.

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