David Graham
David Graham

Born: 30th December 1930, London, England


Supercar :-

Dr. Beaker, Mitch, Zarin

Fireball XL-5 :-

Matt Matic, Lieutenant Ninety, Zoonie

Planet 46

Subterranian 2

Hypnotic Sphere


Planet of Platonia


Space Magnet

Super Solar

Plant Man From Space

The Chlorophon

The Sun Temple

Zodan, Warrior countdown

Space Immigrants


Space Monster

Al Stomper

Flying Zodiac


Spy in Space


XL5 to H2O


Space Pirates

Captain Katt


1 Boris appeared in both 'Spy in Space' and 'Flying Zodiac'.

Thunderbirds :-

Gordon Tracy, Brains, Parker, Kyrano

Trapped in the Sky

Captain Hansen1, Lieutenant Meddings, Doctor, Fireflash passenger

Pit of Peril

Colonel Sweeney, General Peters, Sergeant Reynolds, Frank

City of Fire

Tower Control Assistant, Driver's husband

Sun Probe

Asher2, Braman

The Uninvited

Zombite leader, Zombite flight leader

The Mighty Atom

Collins, Plant Tour Guide

Vault of Death

Lambert, Light-Fingered Fred, Taylor, Moore, Barrett, Policeman

Operation Crash-Dive

Captain Hansen1, Patterson, Fireflash Pilot, Fireflash 3 Pilot, Farmer

Move - And You're Dead

Victor Gomez

Martian Invasion

Bletcher, Maguire, Production Manager

Brink of Disaster

Warren Grafton, Harry Malloy

The Perils of Penelope

Professor Borender, Roache, Waiter, Colonel Benson

Terror in New York City

Joe, First Officer Clayton, Policeman 2, Police Patrol, Garner

End of the Road

Bob Gray3, Cheng, Engineer

Day of Disaster

Dave Clayton4, Frank5, Chuck, Policeman

Edge of Impact

Colonel Casey, General Bron, Jim, Race, Policeman 1

Desperate Intruder

Hassan Ali

30 Minutes After Noon

Sir William Frazer, Commisioner Garfield, The Leader, Kenyon, Sam Saltzman, BSS Assistant

The Impostors

Elliott, Carela, Helijet Pilot, Search Control, Jack

The Man From MI5

Carl, Agent Tidman

Cry Wolf

Colonel Jameson, Sergeant

Danger at Ocean Deep

Ocean Pioneer Second Officer, Collins

The Duchess Assignment

Wilbur Dandridge III, Captain Hansen1, Percy, Customs Officer, Elevator

Attack of the Alligators!


The Cham-Cham

Olsen, Captain Savidge, Hitchins


Security Hazard


Atlantic Inferno

Atlantic Captain

Path of Destruction

Simms, Jim Lucas, Sanchos, Manuel

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Skythrust Co-Pilot, Airport Officer, Waiter, Fashion Buyer 1, Fashion Buyer 2, Ross

Lord Parker's 'Oliday

Party Goer


Loman, Sentinel Base Computer

Give or Take A Million

Straker, Santa 2


1 Captain Hansen appeared again in 'Operation Crash-Dive', 'The Imposters', 'The Duchess Assignment' and 'Security Hazard'.

2 Asher appears again in a flashback sequence in 'Security Hazard'.

3 Bob Gray appears again in a flashback sequence in 'Security Hazard'.

4 Dave Clayton appears again in a flashback sequence in 'Security Hazard'.

5 Frank appears again in a flashback sequence in 'Security Hazard'.

The Secret Service :-

May-Day, May-Day!

King of Muldovia, Air Traffic Controller

More Haste, Less Speed

Lord Edward Hazlewell

Trivia: David Graham was one of the original voices of the Daleks, all the way back in 1963. He also worked on Four Feather Falls and Space Precinct.

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