Gary Files
Gary Files

Born: Melbourne, Australia. Date unknown


Thunderbird 6 :-

The Hood / Black Phantom, Captain Foster (original), Lane

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons :-

Captain Magenta


Richards, Garage Mechanic


Eddie, Trapper, Sentry 3

White as Snow

Ensign Soames, DJ Bob Lynn

The Trap


Operation Time

Dr. Turner, Student 1

Spectrum Strikes Back

Captain Indigo, Warden 1, Warden 3

Special Assignment

Kramer, Croupier, Security Chief

Heart of New York


Lunarville 7


Point 783

Arab, Bank voice

Renegade Rocket

Major Reeves

Fire at Rig 15

Charlie Hansen

Treble Cross


Flight 104

Photographer (Joe), Flight Desk

Place of Angels

Engineer, Security Guard

Noose of Ice


Expo 2068

Driver, Lumberjack

Flight to Atlantica


The Launching

Mervin Brand

Codename Europa

Professor Carney, Conrad Olafson, Guard 2




Phil Machin

The Inquisition



1 Holt also appeared in a flashback sequence in 'The Inquisition'.

Joe 90 :-

The Most Special Agent

Red Leader, Guard, Manston Controller, John Woodburn, Farmer, Radio announcer


Co-pilot Casper

Three's a Crowd


Big Fish

Miguel Umberto dos Passos Francesca

The Unorthodox Shepherd

Reverend Shepherd, Constable Lewis

Relative Danger

Dr. Loover, Selkirk

King for a Day

Ben Shazar, Vizier, Driver

Most Special Astronaut

Dr. Nagel, Dobson, Astronaut

Arctic Adventure

Dr. Kelvin, B107 Pilot, Russian 1, Radio voice

The Fortress

Roger Flemming, Soldier voice

Colonel McClaine

Sergeant, Kopal, Preston

The Race

Private Cloony

The Professional

Hugo Waddington, Engineer, Warder, Guard 1

Lone-Handed 90

Doc, Bank Teller, Hank

Attack of the Tiger

Agent 26, Private, Fearless Foley, Control, Hunter 1


Jim Grant, General, Operator


Captain Moran, Guard Eddie, Robbins, Guard Pierre

Mission X-14

Dr. Chang, Professor Baxter, Agent 84

Test Flight

Dr. Slade, Operator 2

Child of the Sun God

Proctl, Servant

Trial at Sea

Johnston Webb, Cope, Miller, WIN Pager

See You Down There

Jim Molineaux, Harris

The Birthday

Guard, Red Leader, Sergeant

Viva Cordova

President Cordova

The Secret Service :-

Matthew Harding

A Case for the Bishop


A Question of Miracles

Green, Guard, Car Enthusiast, Technician 2 Port Trennick

The Feathered Spies

Carl, Operator

To Catch a Spy

Manservant, Skipper, Pilot

Last Train to Bufflers Halt

Albert Hobson, McGrath

Errand of Mercy

Native 3

The Deadly Whisper

Kroner, Pilot

Hole In One


Recall to Service

Captain Mitchell, Sergeant Walsh, French Colonel

The Cure

Dr. Klam, Kalin

School for Spies

Brother Simon, Brother Jess, Brother 5

May-Day, May-Day!

Prince of Muldovia, Captain, Air Traffic Assistant

More Haste, Less Speed

Spiker, Charlie, Pete, Attendant


UFO :-


Phil Wade

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