The people behind the characters
Have you ever listened to any Supermarionation series and thought "He sounds a lot like..."? It is possible that they were voiced by the same actor or actress. This comprehensive guide tells you which actors played which characters over the years. You can also link to the actor's page from any main character that they played from the character's profile.

Keith Alexander
Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Ray Barrett
Ed Bishop
John Bluthal
Julia Brahms
John Carson
Rupert Davies
Alexander Davion
Jules de Jongh
Peter Dyneley
Robert Easton
Gary Files
Christine Finn
Wayne Forester
Graydon Gould
David Graham
Cy Grant
Donald Gray
Mike Hayley
David Healy
Janna Hill
Jeremy Hitchen
David Holliday
Len Jones
Geoffrey Keen
Martin King
Don Mason
Francis Matthews
Lois Maxwell
Paul Maxwell
Neil McCallum
Bob Monkhouse
Elizabeth Morgan
George Murcell
Nigel Plaskitt
Cliff Richard
Shane Rimmer
William Roberts
Lian Shin
Robbie Stevens
Emma Tate
John Tate
Sylvia Thamm
Charles Tingwell
Heather Tobias
Stanley Unwin
Suzy Westerby
Jeremy Wilkin
Glenn Wrage
Matt Zimmerman