Jeremy Wilkin

Born: 6 June 1930, Byfleet, Surrey, England


Thunderbirds :-

Virgil Tracy (Series Two onwards)

Atlantic Inferno

Dick O'Shea, Cravitz

Path of Destruction


Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Mason, D103 Pilot, Reporter 1

Lord Parker's 'Oliday

Seņor Faccini


Power, DJ Tom

Give or Take A Million

Dr. Pringle, Saunders, TV Reporter, Santa 1


Thunderbirds Are Go

SEC President

Thunderbird 6


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons :-

Captain Ochre, Captain Black (pre-Mysteronisation - The Mysterons & Dangerous Rendezvous)

The Mysterons

Petrol Pump Attendant

Winged Assassin

Asian Director-General

Big Ben Strikes Again

Policeman 31, Radio Announcer


Guard Voice 1


Lt. Burroughs, Radio operator

White as Snow


The Trap

Morton, Attendant

Operation Time

Student 2, Radiographer

Spectrum Strikes Back

Dr. Giadello

Special Assignment


Heart of New York


Lunarville 7


Point 783

Colonel Storm, Robot voice

Model Spy

Andre Verdain, Commissionaire

Seek and Destroy


Renegade Rocket

Captain, Security man

Crater 101


Shadow of Fear


Dangerous Rendezvous

Dr. Kurnitz

Fire at Rig 15


Treble Cross

Major Gravener

Flight 104


Place of Angels

Dr. Denton, Spectrum New York

Noose of Ice


Expo 2068

Dr. Sommers

The Launching

Tribune control operator


Joe Johnson


1 Policeman 3 appeared in flashback footage in The Inquisition.

2 Schroeder appeared in flashback footage in The Inquisition.

Joe 90 :-

Operation McClaine

Dr. Blakemore, Nurse John, Tannoy

International Concerto

Colonel Malner

Double Agent

Harry Sloane, Miller

Most Special Astronaut


Arctic Adventure

B107 Co-pilot, Russian 2

Project 90

Dr. Darota, Secretary, Driver

The Race

General Tempest, Colonel

The Professional

General Heppel, Henry George Summerfield, Guard 2

Lone-Handed 90

Slim, Bartender

Attack of the Tiger

General, Officer, Lieutenant, Tanker, Hunter 2

Mission X-14

General Kwan, Doctor

Test Flight

Brad Johnson, Countdown

Child of the Sun God

Dr. Aston, Ataka, Amaztec Warrior

Trial at Sea

Sir George Harris, Captain

See You Down There

Ralph Clayton

Viva Cordova

General Valdes

The Secret Service :-

The Bishop

A Case for the Bishop

Patterson, Policeman, Healey Automation Guard

A Question of Miracles

Tom Williams, Frogman, Technician 1 North Africa, Technician 2 Burgossa, Technician 1 Port Trennick

The Feathered Spies

John Masden, Officer

To Catch a Spy

George Grey, Patterson, Guard 2

Last Train to Bufflers Halt

Calow, Guard

Errand of Mercy

Operator, Pilot, Native 2

The Deadly Whisper

Eastman, Controller

Hole In One

Kromer, Dr. Hawthorn

Recall to Service

Colonel Blair

The Cure

Pete MacKintosh, Minister

School for Spies

Brother Gregory

May-Day, May-Day!

Achmed, Joe's father, Master

More Haste, Less Speed



UFO :-

Skydiver navigator


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