John Bluthal

Born: 12 August 1929, Galicja, Poland


Fireball XL-5 :-

Commander Zero

Planet 46

Subterranian 1

Hypnotic Sphere

Hypnotic voice

Planet of Platonia


Space Magnet

Ken Ross1

The Doomed Planet


Plant Man From Space

Ken Ross1, Jock Campbell2

The Sun Temple


Space Immigrants

Ken Ross1, Jock Campbell2, Minotran

Space Monster

Ken Johnson

Flying Zodiac

Ken Ross1, Jock Campbell2, Caravan leader

XL5 to H2O


Space Pirates

Jock Campbell2, Patch


1Ken Ross made four appearences throughout the series.

2Jock Campbell made four apparences throughout the series.

Trivia: Probably best remembered in the UK for his role in The Vicar of Dibly.

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