Matt Zimmerman
Matt Zimmerman

Born: 25 December 1934


Thunderbirds :-

Alan Tracy

Pit of Peril

Captain, Helijet Pilot

City of Fire

Tower Controller, WTV reporter

Sun Probe

TV reporter1

The Uninvited

Lindsey, Zombite Controller

The Mighty Atom

Press Officer, Reporter 2

Operation Crash-Dive

TV Reporter, Seahawk Pilot

Move - And You're Dead

Billy Billoxi

Martian Invasion

General Strond, Slim

Brink of Disaster

Doolan, Stan, Patrol Base

The Perils of Penelope


Terror in New York City

Ned Cook

End of the Road

Chuck Taylor

Day of Disaster

Bill Craddock2, NTBS Reporter 2

Edge of Impact

Goddard, Captain

30 Minutes After Noon

Tom Prescott, Frank Forrester, Policeman

The Impostors

Eddie Kerr, Wakefield, Speed Merchant

The Man From MI5

Third Man

Cry Wolf

Lieutenant Lansfield

Danger at Ocean Deep

Lieutenant Jensen

The Duchess Assignment

Croupier 2, Hendricks

Attack of the Alligators!

Hector McGill

The Cham-Cham

Banino, Macklin, Foreign Lieutenant


Atlantic Inferno

Reaper Captain

Path of Destruction

Franklin, Guiterrez


Thunderbirds Are Go


Thunderbird 6



1 The TV reporter also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

2 Bill Craddock also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

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