Peter Dyneley
Peter Dyneley

Born: 13th April 1921, Hastings, England
Died: 19th August 1977, London, England


Thunderbirds :-

Jeff Tracy

Trapped in the Sky

Commander Norton1, Interceptor One

Pit of Peril


City of Fire

Fire Chief

Sun Probe

Professor Heinz Bodman

The Mighty Atom

Professor Holden, Reporter 1

Vault of Death

Lord Stilton, Longman

Operation Crash-Dive

Commander Norman, International Air Minister

Martian Invasion

Martian Pete

Brink of Disaster


The Perils of Penelope

Sir Hugo Hodge

Day of Disaster

Professor Wingrove, NTBS Reporter 1, Crane Chief

Edge of Impact

Commander Norman

Desperate Intruder

Professor Blakely

30 Minutes After Noon

Dempsey, Officer Jones, Erdman Gang Member

The Impostors

Jeramiah Tuttle, Air Force officer, Air Force Lieutenant

Danger at Ocean Deep

Lord Worden

The Duchess Assignment

Chandler, Casino Owner, Croupier 1


Atlantic Inferno

World Navy Commander

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Commander Norman

Lord Parker's 'Oliday

Professor Lungren

Give or Take A Million



1 Commander Norton also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

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