Ray Barrett
Ray Barrett

Born: 2nd May 1927, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Died: 8th September 2009, Southport, Queensland, Australia


Stingray :-

Commander Shore

Thunderbirds :-

John Tracy, The Hood (except Thunderbird 6)

Trapped in the Sky

Fireflash co-pilot1, Assistant Controller2, Harris, TX 204 Pilot

Pit of Peril

Lieutenant Mead

City of Fire

Joe Carter

Sun Probe

Colonel Harris4, Colonel Benson

The Uninvited

Wilson, Zombite guard

The Mighty Atom

Reactor Controller Wade, General Speyer, Fire Chief, Guard

Vault of Death


Operation Crash-Dive

Lieutenant Birroughs, Fireflash Co-pilot, Saboteur

Move - And You're Dead

Johnny Gillespie, Kenny Malone, Parola Sands Announcer

Martian Invasion

Goldheimer, Martian Ray, Brian

Brink of Disaster

Selsden, Investor 2, Joe, Crook with Machine Gun

The Perils of Penelope

Dr. Godber

Terror in New York City

Sentinel Commander, Policeman 1, Newsreader, TV Compere

End of the Road

Eddie Houseman3, JB Lester3

Day of Disaster

Allington Bridge Controller5, Kirby, Dr. Korda

Edge of Impact

Stan, Control Tower Lieutenant, Policeman 2

30 Minutes After Noon

Southern, Officer Flannagan, Stranger

The Impostors

General Lambert, Jenkins, Hale, Colonel

The Man From MI5

Bondson, Ritter

Cry Wolf


Danger at Ocean Deep

Captain Johnson, Sir Arthur, TV Reporter, Port London

The Duchess Assignment

Lady Deborah, Brophy, Fireflash Co-pilot, Percy's friend

Attack of the Alligators!

Dr. Orchard

The Cham-Cham

Cass Carnaby, Matthews Field Commander, Radio Maxwell DJ


Atlantic Inferno

Reaper Captain, TV Reporter

Path of Destruction

Jansen, Security Guard

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

François Lemaire, Captain Saville, Control Tower Lieutenant, Co-Conspiritor


Rick O'Shea

Give or Take A Million

Scobie, Harman, Security Chief


Thunderbirds Are Go

Glenn Field Controller


1 The Fireflash co-pilot made another appearance in The Impostors, and also appeared in the flashback sequence in Security Hazard.

2 The Assistant Controller also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

3 Eddie Houseman and JB Lester both also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

4 Colonel Harris also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

5 The Allington Bridge Controller also appeared in flashback footage in Security Hazard.

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