Captain Scarlet and the Return of the Mysterons – CGI test film
Written by Gerry Anderson & John Needham
Directed by Gerry Anderson & John Needham
Produced at Moving Picture Company, London
Running time 4 minutes (approx)

Captain Scarlet - Francis Matthews
Captain Blue - Ed Bishop
Captain Black - Gary Martin
Destiny Angel - Leone Connery
Voice of the Mysterons - Gary Martin

First screened - 7 October 2000, Fanderson Convention, Allesley, Coventry, England

Review by Saskia Stanhope (Captain Cerise)

The scene opens in a dark graveyard, we hear the voice of the Mysterons who announce that they are renewing their war of nerves. A hand punches through the stone slab covering a grave, it cracks and shatters. Captain Black rises up through the ground ready to take up the fight once more.

The scene cuts to Cloudbase, Captain Blue tells us that the renewal of the Mysteron threat has meant the return of Spectrum to Cloudbase. He and Scarlet are there ahead of everyone else to get the ball rolling. They are stood in Cloudbase control discussing the renewal of the War whilst looking out of the observation tube, when behind them they hear the lift approaching. Scarlet checks with Blue, neither of them are expecting anyone as Cloudbase is not yet operational. They race to the lift, guns drawn. As the doors open they are amazed as Captain Black walks in. Laughing cheerily he tells them to relax; he's not under Mysteron control any more.

Black can see they're nervous and suggests they check with security. Scarlet does this and is pleasantly surprised to discover that Black has in fact been cleared. He and Blue welcome him back. At that moment Scarlet’s epaulettes flash and he is unexpectedly called away, leaving Blue alone with Black.

Pleased but naturally surprised at the turn of events, Blue turns to Black and exclaims, "Well I'll be damned!" to which Black replies in a deep and scary Mysteron voice, "You will be Captain, you will be!" He launches into a brutal assault on Blue who is caught completely off guard. As Blue lies unconscious on the floor, two circles of green light emanate from Black's eyes and travel across Blue's body and Black announces, "Now, Captain, you are under my control!"

The scene cuts to a winding mountain road where Scarlet driving an SPV is chasing Black and Blue in a Spectrum Saloon filled with explosives heading for the Drontenon atomic power station. Black announces to Blue that he will leave Blue to travel on to destroy the complex alone.

From the Angels flying above, led by Destiny, Scarlet receives updates on Black and Blue's position and is in hot pursuit. Scarlet is only a mile away from Black and Blue when after crossing a huge bridge across a deep ravine, Black throws a bomb which destroys the bridge. Scarlet powers up the SPVs rocket boosters and flies across the ravine. He barely manages to land on the other side before the SPV careers out of control and skids in front of the Spectrum Saloon. Scarlet ejects to safety and rolling into a kneeling position opens fire on the Spectrum Saloon approaching him. The car skids out of control and heads towards the ravine where it jars on a boulder throwing Blue clear before it plunges over the edge of the precipice.

Reaching the bottom of the ravine the car explodes in a ball of flame. Blue, now released from Black's control, is helped to his feet by Scarlet. At the bottom of the ravine, Black emerges from the wreckage unscathed.

Scarlet tells us, that this is just the beginning...............

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