Fan Fiction
All Fan Fiction listed here is based on 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' unless stated otherwise.
"Turning Point" by Chris Bishop (Captain Sapphire) (link to Spectrum Headquarters)
This is an absolutely amazing, heart-wrenching story explaining the origins of my own character, Rose.
I find it very difficult to review stories, so I can't really say anything more than 'you must read this'. You'll be swept along with it. I mean, I cried at parts, even though I knew what was going on. Just read and enjoy.
"Pride and Joy" by Lezli Farrington (Charity Angel) - rewrite posted 16/09/2004
Set 20 years after the TV series, we meet the next generation of Spectrum officers, including Rose Metcalfe, the daughter of Captain Scarlet.
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Lezli Farrington
Captain Scarlet is relieved to be spending Christmas with his family, but the Mysterons have other plans for him this year...
This story was written for the 2004 Christmas challenge on the Spectrum Headquarters site. It is intended to be a prequel to Pride and Joy.
"The Gift" by Lezli Farrington
Captain Indigo thinks that she is just run down in the approach to Christmas, but she discovers that the truth is the best present she could have hoped for.
This was written as part of the first Christmas Challenge that is now run annually on Chris Bishop's site, the Spectrum Headquarters.
I would like to point out, categorically, that this is NOT part of my storyline, but, instead, a possible future for Rose.

"The Ghost of Christmas Past" by Lezli Farrington
Nearly three centuries in the future, Major Indigo tries to make up for past mistakes.
Written for both the Christmas and Multiverse challenges on the Spectrum Headquarters.
"Paintball Madness" by Lezli Farrington
A training mission seems like great fun for the junior officers, until past events come back to haunt the former Mysteron agents.
This is the document version of the story published on the forum, starring the characters there.
"Toil and Trouble" by various authors
What seems like a simple retrieval mission spirals out of control when the Spectrum Agents venture into a system of caves and disappear one by one.
This is the document version of the Forum Fan Fiction in the thread "It's so quiet and I'm bored."
"From Heaven unto the Earth" by Lezli Farrington
A holiday in New York seemed like a good idea at the time, but the Mysterons have other plans for Captain Scarlet and Rose.
This is a prequel to 'Pride and Joy', and falls some years after 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. It was written for the Spectrum Headquarters 'End Credits Challenge' and was inspired by the picture of Scarlet falling from a high building.
"Tourment in Tibet" by Lezli Farrington
After another failed vacation with Captain Scarlet, Destiny Angel swears this will be their last one. And it just might be…
This is a New Captain Scarlet fic, and I am deferring blame completely for this plot bunny. It wasn't mine, I swear it!
This was written for the Spectrum Headquarters' annual Halloween challenge, and was completely inspired by a Destiny-bashing thread on the forum there.
Warning: gratuitous Destiny-bashing...

Drabbles & Flash Fics by Lezli Farrington
Any drabble or very short story I write will be updated onto this page:
  • Chilled - New Captain Scarlet Story
    Set towards the end of 'Chiller', Scarlet must deal with some unforeseen consequences of his desperate actions.
  • Old Friends - New Captain Scarlet drabble
    Grey reflects on a particular incident during Instrument of Destruction.
  • I Watch in Silence - Stingray drabble
    Marina's life got very complicated when she met the crew of the Stingray.

Coming soon!

Surprise by Lezli Farrington (postponed)

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