Captain Scarlet, Spectrum

Another fansite featuring many games and puzzles relating to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, including:

Caption Contest
Writing captions for pictures is easy, right? Try your hand at the weekly competition.

Mysteron Hunter
How many Mysteron craft can you shoot down before time runs out for Earth?

Mysteron Hunter II
Added dangers to Mysteron Hunter, making the game more challenging.
Requires Mysteron Hunter to play

How quickly can you assemble an SPV?



New games arriving shortly.

Caption contest available on the "Just for FUN" message board. To enter, you have to become a member of the site.
Games and goodies available from the "Documents" folder. You have to be a member of the site to view this.

Forum Fan Fiction
For any budding authors out there, there are several group fan fics on our very own forum. Check the " Forum Fan Fiction" page for details of current stories. The relevant links are provided on that page.
Don't be shy, but if you are introducing a new character, you should submit a profile as instructed on the guide page.