Links to other sites related to Gerry Anderson
The official Gerry Anderson fan club website, with details on all the series made by him, and some info on the Thunderbirds Movie too. - domain expired; awaiting renewal
The official website of 'New Captain Scarlet', the CGI series that is currently in production. Currently has details on some of the major characters and machinery, but keep checking for more in-depth details regarding the new series.

Spectrum Headquarters
An unofficial fan site, dedicated to Captain Scarlet. There is a lot of information about the characters and machinery here, but the main feature is the Fan Fiction Archives containing enough Captain Scarlet fan fic to keep you amused for weeks on end!
The main focus of the site is on original Scarlet, but New Captain Scarlet is also represented, and has its own section, Skybase Central. Fanfic is accepted for both genres.
A special feature for the fan fiction is the challenges run regularly for themed stories, such as the seasonal Halloween and Christmas challenges, and the year-round Multiverse and Spectrum challenges.
The forum boasts CS-related trivia and caption games for both OCS and NCS, as well as a lively and welcoming community.
Updated regularly.

The Tracy Island Chronicles
A site dedicated Fan Fiction for Thunderbirds, with a huge archive of FF. Well worth a look.

A fan site dedicated to Thunderbirds, with lots of information regarding the series.

Captain Scarlet, Spectrum
Another fansite, run by our very own Captain Burgundy, dedicated to Captain Scarlet. There are several games available for members of the site to participate in.

Stingray - holding page only
The official Carlton website for Stingray, with information about the episodes and characters.

Austin Tate's Gerry Anderson Web Area
A fan site for Supercar and Fireball XL-5.

Space City
A Fireball XL-5 fansite.