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Lieutenant Indigo

Position: Manager

Codename: Lezli Farrington

'Real' name: Rose Scarlett Metcalfe

Age: 21

Sex: With a name like 'Rose', it would be a bit suspicious if I filled this in as 'male', don't you think.

Location: Scotland, for the purposes of Spectrum cover. Actually, I live on Cloudbase, 40,000 feet above the Earth's surface.

Height:5'1 1/2". Don't forget the 1/2, it's important.

Weight: get lost, you nosy people!

Affiliation: Spectrum

Hobbies: Hunting down terrorists, watching Captan Scarlet, reading Captain Scarlet fan fiction, writing Captain Scarlet fan fiction....

Fave characters: Thunderbirds - the absolute gorgepot Virgil! (I rather like Christine's pic below. He's looking rugged and dirty as if he's just had a bit of a workout. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Stingray - Marina, coz at least she has the sense to keep her mouth shut (I don't like Stingray all that much) Plus, she's a mermaid! I've always wanted to be a mermaid!

Captain Blue. YumCaptain Scarlet - Captain Blue or Lieutenant Green (who is much better looking!)Lieutenant Green. Even yummier

Life story: What parts aren't classified and therefore won't be deleted by Spectrum...?

Ah, yes, of course, Lezli's life story...

OK, born in Leeds (yes, yes, i'm a Yorkshire lass! i've heard it all before, 'specially living in Lancashire now...), did a lot of crying. got a brother... Moved a lot, did some boring stuff, passed GCSEs, A Levels etc...

Sod it, my own story's much more interesting.

Born on Cloudbase, did some stuff for a few years, 'til my mum, Rhapsody died when i was 8. went a bit weird then, started seeing things from my parents' past. y'know, the usual. passed GCSEs, died, started flying, drowned, applied to Spectrum, got accepted, was shot. turned to the Mysterons. Killed a few (million) people, blew up some skyscrapers, had fun, turned back to Spectrum. Now eaking out an existance trying to pass A levels and capture terrorists. It's more fun than it sounds, especially with the new Sun Deck!

Contacts: For obvious reasons, I can't disclose my phone number - The Colonel doesn't like it. However, he does permit us to have e-mail addresses so that we can stay in contact with the rest of the world. My one is indigo@supermarionationforever.co.uk, where most of the contact links on this site go to.

Christine Price (2E1HSB)(Assistant Manager):

Hi I am Christine, I am 13 years old, and I live in Portsmouth (UK). I have been watching supermarionation programmes since 11/11/00 at 3:30 and 33 seconds in the afternoon. . (Yes I do remember the time to the second; it was 'Thunderbirds' 'Attack of the alligators') I have been to college (10 week radio course, hence 2E1HSB) and to university (3 days school taster day for the top 10% of the school year group.) I am in the top Science group, (accelerated 2, which is the same ability as accelerated 1) the top English group (scraped in by spellings) top maths (not for long ) and middle group French (never been good at French). I am always on MSN messenger if I am home, and will talk to anybody who asks me to, (so long as I get to know them first.). My favourite character out of 'Thunderbirds' is Virgil Tracy (but sometimes it is Gordon) and out of 'Captain Scarlet' my favourite character is Captain Black (a.k.a Conrad Turner.) And in 'Stingray' It has to be Phones (He has my dream job, not that I could get it, I never listen.) I have yet to see the other supermarionation series', but I am looking forward to them dearly, I like looking at behind the scenes, and how they are made. I can't think of anything else to say, you have heard my life story so I think I will have a rest and wait for you to wake up again, I am the weakest link, goodbye.

Hi. Kelly here, thought I'd better get round to this eventually and now that human coursework's out the way, I got more time!
Let's see, I'm only just 17 (but not for long!) and just finishing college (Conrad made me stay so no one got suspicious!) Hmm, let's see, hang on, already said that! Oh well. Um, life. I was born in Portsmouth (I think), went to school, changed schools in year 5 (don't ask, trouble with another parent), joined senior school, passed all GCSEs (don't ask me how!) stayed in the school for the sixth form to study French, Geography, German and Psychology. Was killed by Conrad (run over along South Street on my way home from a girls' day out!) and became a Mysteron. Continued in the sixth form for a cover up. Failed the AS exams miserably. Started upper sixth minus Geogrpahy, resat AS's and passed, and here we are now!

So, characters. Who do I like? Let's see.

In Thunderbirds, I've always liked Scott, I guess I take after my mum coz she did too, though she admits to liking Gordon more!

I've never understood why though!

Hmm, Stingray I could never get into, I found it too cheesy so recorded over the ones I did remember to tape! But Captain Scarlet has

 taken the place of my favourite at the minute. My favourite character (in case you haven't already guessed!) is Conrad!

Anyway, can't stop and chat any longer, Conrad and  I are gonna go see how we can sabotage the St George's Day parade next week!


Charity Angel

Alter ego of Lt. Indigo. I started going a bit insane when I wasn't sure what was going on with the Mysterons last year, so I decided to be 'me' for a bit. I'm really called Lezli, and I'm 22. I watched CS for the first time on the 93 rerun and absolutely fell in love with it. It took me until the 2000 repeats of Thunderbirds to remember what I'd missed all those years, and started writing a fanfic, accessible on the fanfic page.

Also on the management team, Amykh, and Lieutenant Lake.

If anyone else wants to feature here, just send your profile, along with a pic, if you want, just click contact me.


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