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16th September 2007

MSN site closed down. This site now taken over all MSN-related duties. Remember that Blue links go to 'MSN' pages and Red ones go to the main site.

27th February 2006
Lieutenant Lake's profile added to the Forum Fan Fic characters list.

4th March 2005
Forum Fan Fic rules posted. Please ensure that you read these before posting messages in  any FFF thread.

13th November 2004

So maybe I lied before about the updates...
A new page has been added to this site only. Forum Fan Fiction characters now have their own profiles page. Please check it out, and send any profiles for your own characters to

Please note that all updates after 27th October 2004 will be notified on the main site only.
If you use bookmarks, the new url is

27th October 2004
New website now fully running. Most of the pages are the same as here, but there are some extra episode reviews for Thunderbirds, which are linked from here. 

21st October 2004
Polls recounted, and page given face-lift.

14th October 2004
Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Joe 90 episode guides added.

12th October 2004
Supercar & Fireball XL-5 lyrics added.

10th October 2004 (23:50)
New information added to the CGI page, which has been given a face lift.
Other pages throughout the site have also received face lifts. Most of the changes are superficial and in the html code only.

9th(23:30)-10th (2:10) October 2004
The character profiles for Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds have been posted in full. Please note that these are for the Supermarionation series only, and are in no way connected to the film or the CGI series.

6th October 2004
The Forum Fan Fiction is now available as a Word document, accessible through the Fan Fic Reviews.

1st October 2004
Paintball Madness, the story posted on the forum, has been added to the Fan Fiction page.

27th September 2004
New Calendar added - October-February currently available.
Please feel free to submit your birthday for entry on the calendar

26th September 2004
The final five parts of the Forum Fan Fic added.
New information added to the 'No Strings Attached' page, regarding the CGI series of Captain Scarlet.

18th September 2004
The next six parts added to the Forum Fan Fic.

16th September 2004
'Pride and Joy' re-added to the Fan Fiction page, rewritten slightly.
'The Gift' also made available.

14th September 2004
Parts 7-11 added to the Forum Fan Fiction.

13th September 2004
Two more parts of the Forum Fan Fiction added.

2nd August 2004
Yes, shocking, I know, but finally, the next two installments of the Forum Fan Fiction are available! There are another 9 ready to be uploaded when I get a minute, and some character profiles too. It's all happening now!


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