Crater 101


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Magenta & Lieutenant Green.

This is the Voice of the Mysterons; we know that you can hear us, Earthmen. Although you have discovered our complex on the Moon, it will never reveal its secrets. Anyone who dares to enter will be destroyed. You have been warned. We have not forgotten.

Following on from 'Lunarville 7' and the discovery of the Mysteron complex on the moon, Colonel White assigns Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green to a dangerous mission. They have two objectives - first and foremost, the complex must be destroyed, but they are also to try and remove the power source from the complex. They hope that by doing this they will prevent the Mysterons from reconstructing the base.

At Lunarville 6, they meet up with the new Lunar Controller, Linda Nolan, and her assistant, Frazer. They have been observing the Mysteron operation in Crater 101, and have come up with a plan. The Spectrum agents will undertake the reconnaissance operation inside the Mysteron base, and Frazer will set the bomb whilst they are inside. The bomb will detonate at midnight, giving the team four hours to find the power source and get to a safe distance before the bomb explodes. Linda Nolan gives Scarlet a good luck charm - a medal she was given following a successful mission, engraved with:

"To Linda Nolan. The CB29 Neptune probe. July 10th 2058. We made it, ahead of schedule."

The Spectrum agents set off for Crater 101, an area far enough away from Lunarville 6 that they will be out of contact. They set to work infiltrating the Mysteron complex; they are spotted by the Mysteron machines, but manage their task.

Meanwhile, Frazer reveals to Lunarville 6 that he is a Mysteron agent, and that he has set the timer of the atomic bomb for 22:00 - two hours early. With the Spectrum team out of radio contact, they must quickly come up with a plan to warn the agents another way.

In the Mysteron complex, the Spectrum agents elude several Mysteron traps, and eventually find the power source - a clear, diamond-like crystal, pulsing with light. However, while Scarlet is removing it, they feel an impact outside. Blue goes, and discovers a CB29 Neptune rocket. They quickly realise it has been sent as a message or warning from Lunarville 6. Scarlet recalls the engraving on the medal, and realises that the bomb is due to explode early. Blue discovers they only have five minutes, so Scarlet orders Blue and Green back to the Moon mobile, and tells Blue he will follow them as soon as he has freed the power source.

From a safe distance, Blue and Green observe the explosion and, moments later, see the lunar tractor appear over the ridge of Crater 101, bearing Scarlet and the power source.

The storyline concludes in 'Dangerous Rendezvous'

Notable dialogue:

Frazer: A brave man, and very good looking.

Nolan: Who?

Frazer: Captain Scarlet.

Nolan (sounding flustered): Yes, I suppose so. I didn't really notice.

Frazer: Yes, Miss Nolan.

(later on)

Nolan: A brave man, and so good looking!

Schroeder: I suppose so. I didn't think you'd notice.


Green: He didn't make it. He just didn't make it.

Blue: Look! What a guy!


Scarlet (to Nolan): Well, I'm afraid it's goodbye. Thank you. For everything.

Nolan: Goodbye, Captain Scarlet.

Scarlet: I almost forgot; your lucky charm.

Nolan: I'd take it as a favour if you'd keep it.

Scarlet: Thank you.


Points of interest:

  • This time, in the Moon-mobile, none of the agents wear safety harnesses (perhaps to eliminate production errors like the ones in 'Lunarville 7').
  • The Spectrum agents once again take Moon-mobile 4 to Crater 101. This is the same one they used on both occasions in Lunarville 7. Which is impressive, really, considering that it blew up at the end of that episode, along with the base itself.


Reviewer's Rating: /5

A thoroughly enjoyable episode. I love how rounded these characters are - Scarlet grumbling about his furlough and Linda Nolan appearing smitten with Scarlet. Even Frazer, the Mysteron agent, appears somewhat taken with our gallant captain - a gay character, perhaps? How very forward-thinking!


Written by Tony Barwick

Directed by Ken Turner

Transmission date: 26 January 1968

Appears on DVD 3


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