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"The Mysterons - sworn enemies of Earth; possessing the ability to recreate an exact likeness of an object or person. But first, they must destroy...

"Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible - his name - Captain Scarlet."

Statement from Captain Blue

01. (01) The Mysterons/Mars 2068 (29 September 1967)
When Captain Black, commander of the Zero X, destroys a complex on Mars, the inhabitants, the Mysterons, declare war against Earth and take over Captain Black, Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown in order to carry out their threat.
02. (02) Winged Assassin (6 October 1967)
When the Mysterons threaten to kill the Asian Director-General, it is up to Spectrum to safeguard him until he is able to return to his own country.
03. (03) Big Ben Strikes Again (13 October 1967)
The Mysterons hijack a lorry carrying an atomic bomb and drive it into a garage in the centre of London. The lorry driver, when he comes too, turns on his radio to find out the time and hears Big Ben strike thirteen times!
04. (05) Manhunt (20 October 1967)
When Captain Black breaks into the Culver Atomic Centre, he is exposed to a radioisotope that leaves him radioactive, and therefore traceable for a short time. Spectrum decide to seize the opportunity, and the hunt is on!
05. (11) Avalanche (27 October 1967)
The Frost Line Defense System is threatened, and it is up to Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green to solve the mystery before the headquarters is reached.
06. (08) White as Snow (3 November 1967)
The Mysterons threaten Colonel White's life, and when they attack Cloudbase in an attempt to fulfill their threat, the Colonel goes into hiding. However, the Mysterons follow him...
07. (17) The Trap (10 November 1967)
The Mysterons threaten the International Air Conference and Captain Scarlet travels to Scotland in order to thwart their plans.
08. (06) Operation Time (17 November 1967)
The Mysterons threaten the life of General Tiempo, who is about to undergo brain surgery. Spectrum bring him and his surgeons aboard Cloudbase in an attempt to save him from the threat.
09. (10) Spectrum Strikes Back (24 November 1967)
Following the events of 'Operation Time', a Mysteron detector and an electron gun have been invented in order to combat the Mysteron threat. However, the Mysterons threaten the meeting and it is up to Captain Scarlet to catch the Mysteron agent and put the new equipment to the test.
10. (20) Special Assignment (1 December 1967)
Captain Scarlet goes undercover with the Mysterons in order to reveal their latest plan.
11. (13) The Heart of New York (8 December 1967)
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the 'heart of New York' at the same time as robbers break into a Spectrum safe and discover the secrets of the Mysterons, which they decide to use to their own advantage.
12. (16) Lunarville 7 (15 December 1967)
The Moon declares its independence from Earth, but Spectrum smells a rat when they discover unusual signals coming from the Humbold Sea and send Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green to investigate.
13. (04) Point 783 (22 December 1967)
The life of the Supreme Commander of Earth Forces is threatened, and Captains Scarlet and Blue are sent to be his bodyguards whilst he witnesses tests on a new tank.
14. (18) Model Spy (29 December 1967)
When the Mysterons threaten the life of the head of the European Area Intelligence Service, fashion designer André Verdain, Destiny and Symphony are sent undercover as models!
15. (09) Seek and Destroy (5 January 1968)
When the Angels are threatened, it seems that Destiny is the likely target whilst she is on leave in Paris. When she cannot be contacted, Scarlet and Blue are sent to find her. However, the new aircraft destined for Cloudbase are going missing...
16. (07) Renegade Rocket (19 January 1968)
The Mysterons launch an atomic rocket on an unknown course, and steal the module that will allow the rocket to be detonated in the air. A replacement module is found, and the course of the rocket determined to be the base that it was launched from, but the password that Spectrum require to shut down the rocket has been taken along with the original module. It is a race against time for Scarlet, Blue and the Angels to either retrieve the password or guess it from the list of possible words!
17. (22) Crater 101 (26 January 1968)
Following on from the events of 'Lunarville 7', Scarlet, Blue and Green return to Crater 101 to investigate the Mysteron complex that has been built there.

18. (12) Shadow of Fear (2 February 1968)
A probe sent to Mars is destroyed, with the threat that humans 'will never discover the secrets of the Mysterons'. However, the Mysterons have failed to notice a second probe, hidden behind one of the Martian moons, Phoebus. Captains Scarlet and Blue are sent to the observatory involved with the project in order to ensure that everything proceeds correctly, but the Mysterons intend to carry out their threat.

19. (19) Dangerous Rendezvous (9 February 1968)
Following on from the events of 'Crater 101', tests have been carried out on the diamond pulsator found in the Mysteron Complex, and Colonel White uses it in order to contact the Mysterons to negotiate a truce. The Mysterons agree to meet one member of Spectrum. Captain Scarlet offers to go, suspecting a trap...

20. (14) Fire at Rig 15 (16 February 1968)
The Mysterons threaten to render Spectrum immobile as they are in dire need of new fuel supplies and sabotage a new oil rig.

21. (29) Treble Cross (23 February 1968)
The Mysterons drown Major Gravener in their attempt to destroy Futura City, but he is resuscitated by a pair of doctors...

22. (25) Flight 104 (1 March 1968)
The Mysterons threaten to sabotage a conference and Captains Scarlet and Blue are assigned to guard the chief speaker, Dr. Conrad.

23. (21) Place of Angels (8 March 1968)
The Mysterons threaten to destroy the Place of Angels, and a new strain of virus is stolen from a laboratory in Manchester.

24. (26) Noose of Ice (12 March 1968)
The Mysterons threaten the next Mars mission and Spectrum travel to the source of a rare metal required for the construction of the rocket, under the Arctic!

25. (23) Expo 2068 (26 March 1968)
The Mysterons threaten to destroy America's Atlantic seaboard, and an atomic device is stolen by Captain Black.

26. (28) Flight to Atlantica (2 April 1968)
After celebrating Spectrum's first anniversary, Captains Blue and Ochre are sent to destroy a wreck floating towards the threatened World Navy Complex. However, the special champagne that they have been drinking had been tampered with by the Mysterons...

27. (15) The Launching (9 April 1968)
The Mysterons threaten President Roberts and Captain Scarlet is sent to guard him. However, after some time, Scarlet suspects that there may be another target...

28. (27) Codename Europa (16 April 1968)
The triumvirate head of Europe is threatened and the three men are taken to separate locations, but the Mysteron Agent is determined to succeed.

29. (32) Inferno (23 April 1968)
A desalination plant is threatened and Captains Scarlet and Blue are sent to observe from an Aztec temple nearby.

30. (24) Traitor (30 April 1968)
When the Mysterons state that Spectrum will be destroyed from within by a traitor, the agents are put on edge. Strange hovercraft accidents at the Koala training base in Australia point to sabotage, and Captains Scarlet and Blue are sent to investigate.

31. (30) Attack on Cloudbase (7 May 1968)
As Symphony Angel's plane goes down over the desert, Cloudbase is attacked by flying saucers. It appears that the Mysterons have finally come to Earth!

32. (32) The Inquisition (14 May 1968)
Captain Blue is drugged in a restaurant whilst on leave. When he comes to, he is in the hands of Spectrum Intelligence who advise him that he has been missing for three months and demand that he tells them Spectrum's command ciphers in order to prove his identity. However, Blue is suspicious and refuses...