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Welcome to Spectrum Online, first point of contact for all Spectrum field agents.

The year is 2068. The world is unified under a single government, who have a branch of officers who fall somewhere between the military and the police and deal with terrorists. This group of brave men and women is known as Spectrum.

During a mission to Mars, one of Spectrum's agents, Captain Black, tangles with the alien race that lives there, known as the Mysterons. In retaliation against Captain Black's actions, the Mysterons declare war against the Earth, and swear that they will destroy all life in a 'War of Nerves'.

At the very beginning of the War, the Mysterons, using strange powers, kill and reconstruct two Spectrum agents, Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown. The reconstructions both look and have abilities identical to the originals, but are completely under the Mysterons' control. The replica of Captain Brown is destroyed by the Mysterons in the course of the mission before the deception is uncovered, and Captain Scarlet takes over the mission assigned to them by their Mysteron masters. However, the bodies of the original agents are discovered, and Scarlet's cover blown.

Captain Scarlet is killed by Spectrum agent Captain Blue before he is able to complete his mission, but another Mysteron power is revealed when the dead body revives itself! However, the Mysterons seem to have made a terrible mistake, and the Captain Scarlet that wakes up is not under the Mysterons' control, but the man that he was before, trapped inside an essentially alien body!

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