The Mysterons

The Mysterons are an ancient and technologically advanced race who live in a complex made up of a series of dome-like structures on Mars. They are a self-proclaimed 'peaceful people', who have spent many years watching their sister world Earth develop.

However, a misunderstanding during what should have been first contact between the two species led to an interplanetary war that, despite Spectrum's best efforts, the Mysterons look likely to win.

Not much is known about the Mysterons themselves - where they come from, what they look like and exactly what they are capable of. It is believed that the Mysterons are not indigenous to Mars, but whether or not this is the case is unknown.

Their powers are as yet not fully understood, but they are known to have several extraordinary abilities. They admit readily to having discovered their method of reversing matter and recreating exact likenesses of objects and persons.
During the course of the war they have also exhibited the ability to control vehicles, manipulate weather systems and kill from a distance. Whether these abilities are some kind of telekinesis or sophisticated computer programs, we do not know.

Although they are able to kill, they normally employ their agent, Captain Black to do so. Captain Black, under the control of the Mysterons, tends to use less supernatural means to dispose of his victims, and frequently makes use of a gun or causes mechanical faults in vehicles by tampering directly with essential components such as the brakes.

Another Mysteron ability is to control their agents on Earth. Most of their agents have been killed and reconstructed, normally in the vicinity of another Mysteron agent, but it remains unknown whether or not Captain Black fits this description. His body was never discovered in the craft on his return from Mars, and the video log from the Zero-X seems to show that he was taken over whilst still alive.

Mysteron agents are easily detectable using X-ray detectors, and can be killed using electricity or an electron-emitting rifle, normally known as a 'Mysteron gun'. Former Mysteron agent Captain Scarlet is also able to detect Mysteron agents and Mysteron activity on occasions, making use of a 'sixth sense' that he has.

The Mysterons have issued many threats during the War of Nerves. A catalogue of these threats is available here.

There are a lot of theories available about the Mysterons and their abilities in Spectrum's database, added by personnel who come into contact with them on a regular basis. To see these theories, click here.

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