Spectrum Online Best of Enemies Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Captain Black, Lieutenant Green & Destiny Angel.

Captain Scarlet pursues Black to an abandoned weather station in the Arctic, where the Mysteron agent picks up a consignment of Russian Naval technology. To prevent Black's escape, Scarlet blows up a bridge, forcing Black to detour over the frozen lake it crosses. Scarlet blows a hole in the ice, stopping Black in his tracks.

Black appears to have been badly injured, but he takes Scarlet by surprise and threatens to throw him into the water before it freezes over. After a brief fight, Scarlet is knocked out, but before Black can commit the Spectrum agent to a watery grave, the ice gives way under the weight of his truck and instead he simply leaves Scarlet for dead and heads for the Rhino. Unfortunately for him, Scarlet has engaged the security protocols and the Rhino refuses to unlock for him.

Meanwhile, Scarlet regains consciousness and makes for the Rhino, breaking in through a hatch underneath the cabin. He is just in time - he seals the hatch as the ice beneath the Rhino gives way and they are plunged to the bottom of the lake.

After they have regained consciousness, Black greets Scarlet by pointing a gun in his face. Scarlet calmly points out that there is no point in killing him because he can't die, and that staying on Scarlet's good side is a good idea because only Scarlet can access the Rhino's systems and attempt to get them out of the mess they've found themselves in; especially as they only have enough oxygen for two and a half hours and that the hole in the ice will have already frozen over, trapping them in the water.

Meanwhile, on Skybase, Lieutenant Green has lost track of Captain Scarlet's signal and, due to a storm directly over his last known position, they cannot attempt a rescue for three hours.

On the Rhino, Scarlet attempts to fix the homing beacon, but Black destroys it, stating he would rather freeze than be taken prisoner by Spectrum. With nothing else to do and only forty-five minutes of oxygen left, Scarlet and Black settle down for a chat, and Scarlet tries to determine how much of his enemy is still his old friend.

On the surface, the storm clears and Blue and Ochre start out on a rescue mission but there is no sign of either vehicle.

With only twenty minutes left, Black reveals that the consignment was a radio-controlled organic limpet mine that appears as nothing more than a fish on sonar. He still has the remote control for it, but points out that the signal cannot pass through the Rhino's hull. Scarlet believes that they can use the hull itself as an antenna for the signal, but he will need Black's help in order to complete the modifications before their oxygen runs out. Black heartily agrees, and together they finish the rewiring with eight minutes to go. Black points out that he could simply attach the mine to the Rhino, but Scarlet trusts that there is still enough of Conrad in Black for him not to do so. The mine attaches itself to the underside of the ice and blows up.

Back on Skybase, Lieutenant Green observes that the storm has changed direction and is heading back towards the rescue party. White orders the team to withdraw.

Scarlet breaks out the diving suits and hands Black the one that still bears his name. This simple act prompts Black to ask after Destiny and Scarlet assures him that she is fine. Black reveals that whilst he remembered everything from before he was taken, they felt like someone else's memories; now they feel like his own. Scarlet, glad to finally have his friend back, tells him to hang onto those memories once they are free from the Rhino. Black helps Scarlet out of the airlock and together, they swim for the surface.

Black is the first to get out of the water, and he turns to help Scarlet. Before he can pull his friend from the water, the Mysterons regain control and he walks away into the storm, leaving Scarlet for Spectrum.

Quotable Scarlet

Black: We're underwater. Upside-down.
Scarlet: No kidding.

Scarlet: How much do you remember from before the Mysterons took you over?
Black: Everything. Don't you?

Did you spot...?

  • The Rhino lock-down protocol? They must have added that after 'Trap for a Rhino'. But, then again, how would Black know the release code? Ho hum.
  • I give up with all of this secret identity business, I really do. I mean, why even bother when they're going to sew your real name onto every single item of clothing?
  • The first time the camera focuses on the oxygen monitor, it says "2 hours 31 m CO2 remaining - I know Scarlet and Black aren't precisely human, but the rest of Spectrum are, aren't they? Breathing carbon dioxide? Hmm.

Episode Rating: 4 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 5/5

The interplay between Black and Scarlet in this episode is wonderful, and Black's reversion to being 'human' is so poignant because Scarlet has always felt alone. But it was always too good to be true, really, and you really feel for both of them by the end. Also, there is a distinct lack of Destiny, which is always a plus. A very, very well-earned 5/5.

Written by John Brown

Directed by David Lane

Animated by Green team

Transmission date: 24 September 2005

Appears on DVD 1