Spectrum Online Chiller Mission Logs Season One


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green, Doctor Gold, Destiny Angel & Harmony Angel.

Captain Scarlet is shot after witnessing two Mysteron agents dealing with a human. The human agent, Storey, panics, but the agents assure him that the Mysterons will take care of Scarlet - once and for all!

Scarlet awakens in the diner. The hypnotised driver of a petrol tanker crashes into the building, and the resulting explosion can be seen for miles around.

When Scarlet misses a check-in, White sends Blue to the surface. The petrol is still burning, leading Blue to his friend. They rush back to Skybase, but Scarlet's retrometabolism doesn't kick in, and after three hours, Colonel White lists him as deceased.

Scarlet wakes up in sickbay, but soon realises that no one can see him and he can't touch anything. Can he really be dead? Everyone seems to think so, but as Scarlet wanders through Skybase, looking for answers, he comes across Storey, carrying a bomb. He plants it in a hangar, with the timer set for an hour. The agent jumps off of Skybase to safety.

Scarlet heads up to the control room, and unsuccessfully tries to get the attention of White, Blue and Green. He fails, but realises that his presence can be felt when he comes into contact with a person. Blue feels an extreme chill as he walks through Scarlet, and Scarlet even succeeds in freezing White's tea.

Blue heads towards Destiny's quarters to try to comfort her. By touching them both, Destiny realises that there is a presence of some sort. Blue dismisses it as a problem in the air conditioning, but Scarlet manages to use the temperature sensor in Blue's watch to detect his presence. Destiny follows the signal all the way to the hangar, with Blue following reluctantly, but just as they are about to open the crate containing the bomb, Scarlet's presence starts to fade. In sickbay, his body is finally reviving, pulling him back. When he disappears completely, Blue turns to leave, but Destiny notices a handprint on the crate, caused by Scarlet placing his hand on it. She discovers the bomb, and Blue races with it towards an airlock. With no time to do anything else, he decompresses an entire section. The bomb is drawn out of Skybase and detonates at a safe distance below, in the clouds.

Awake at last, Scarlet is filled in on the action he's "missed", before he and Blue track down the agent on the surface and arrest him.

Did Scarlet tell Blue about his out-of-body experience? From Blue's comment at the end, it seems likely, but it could just have been a fluke (or the scriptwriters getting a gag in).

Quotable Scarlet

Blue: I'll find them, Destiny.
Scarlet: Yeah, and they'll blow up Skybase whilst you're gone! Start paying attention, will you?

Blue: What's going on here? The hair on the back of my neck is standing up like a platoon on parade!

Did you spot...?

  • The diner where Scarlet and Blue catch Storey is called Mr. Ron's. Sigh.

Episode Rating: 4.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 5/5

I love the premise of this episode, and how rubbish a ghost Scarlet is in the beginning. The only quibble I have is that if Scarlet is cold enough to freeze White's tea, he is cold enough to do some serious cellular damage whilst he is poking Blue and Destiny, something which bugged me enough to actually write a little ficlet, 'Chilled' (and yes, I did just shamelessly plug my own fanfic there...).

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by White team

Transmission date: 23 April 2005

Appears on DVD 3