Spectrum Online Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green & Doctor Gold.

Scientist and climbing enthusiast Phil Bogart is attacked by a condor and falls to his death. He is Mysteronised and returns to his post at the Tier Research Facility, where he enters a lab with two machines in it. He sets off an explosion that completely obliterates the facility and makes his escape with one of the machines, a Thunderpulse bomb.

On Skybase, Colonel White reveals that the Thunderpulse Project uses sound waves to disrupt matter at the molecular level - and that the first 'test' of its prowess, the destruction of the Tier Research Facility, proves that it is highly dangerous. Spectrum need to find Bogart, and quickly. It won't be easy, but they have one chance; Phil and his identical twin, Frank, have a tried and tested psychic link. All Scarlet and Blue need to do is to persuade Frank to help them, which turns out to be easier said than done. Frank is an incarcerated safe cracker, and jumps at the his opportunity to get out of prison. He convinces Scarlet and Blue that, as he hasn't been in contact with Phil for a while, he needs to get closer to his brother. They go to his apartment, where Frank makes a bid for freedom. After a brief Rhino chase, Frank is re-apprehended and taken to Skybase, where Doctor Gold is able to induce him into making contact. Unfortunately, for Frank at least, it is the Mysteron persona he contacts rather than his brother. Frank suffers a seizure and lapses into unconsciousness. 

Later on, Frank awakens alone and unguarded in Sickbay and attacks White in his quarters, turning the Colonel's collection of weapons against him. Fortunately, Lieutenant Green intervenes before any real harm is done and knocks Frank out with a flying kick.

This time, Frank awakens in the brig, and insists that he wasn't in control of his body during the attack. Dr. Gold hypothesises that the Mysteronised Phil might have taken over when the psychic link was made. Colonel White decides that it is time to be honest with Frank, and tells him the truth about the Mysterons and their abilities, and the information Frank gives them from the brief link with Phil is enough to pinpoint the Mysteron's location in Washington DC.

At the Lincoln Memorial, Blue isn't able to detect the bomb, but Frank assures the Spectrum officers that his brother is there. Phil reveals himself, and Frank forces the Mysteron to reveal the location of the Thunderpulse bomb, in the back of a red pick-up. With no time to disarm it, Scarlet scoops the vehicle up in their Albatross and flies it upwards, out of range of the memorial. He ejects, but the Thunderpulse wave affects his parachute and Scarlet falls, hitting a nearby lake too quickly and breaking his spine.

Back on Skybase, Blue reveals that Frank had disappeared by the time he returned to the memorial. Scarlet decides that after saving Washington DC, he deserves his freedom, and wishes him luck.

Did you spot...?

  • The book Colonel White has fallen asleep reading is 'Instrument of Destruction', by Phil Ford. The visible part of the blurb reads:

    "Once again, Ford sets new standards for the Science Fiction Genre. Taking age-old elements - Spiders, Rats and Toads of an almost biblical quantities, he moulds a sophisticated horrific tale of blood and utter disaster.
    This story will leave you truly fearful that the end...
    ...every sadistic act in this..."

Episode Rating: 3 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

I couldn't explain exactly what it is about 'Contact' that means it fails to get the fifth star: the plot is good, I really like Frank, the loveable rogue, and the Thunderpulse is a frightening concept. Maybe it's just because it comes right after 'Best of Enemies' that I can't quite give it a place in my heart? It does get points, however for excellent dialogue and the complete absence of Destiny Angel.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by Scarlet team

Transmission date: 1 October 2005

Appears on DVD 2