Spectrum Online Dominion Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Captain Black, Lieutenant Green, Doctor Gold & Destiny, Harmony & Symphony Angels.

Captain Black has stolen a Druzynik and is heading for the Tereshkovo Nuclear Plant. The Angels are attacking, but have no success. Scarlet and Blue, having requisitioned a second Druzynik, manage to successfully stop Black by blowing up the tank. They recover Captain Blackís body from the wreckage and ship him back to Skybase.

When he heals, Black claims he is free of the Mysterons, a fact that Doctor Goldís tests seem to confirm. Captain Blue is distrustful and even Colonel White doesnít seem to know what to think. He turns to Scarlet for his expert opinion on the Mysterons, but even Scarlet canít say one way or another. Black ends up in the brig whilst they decide what to do with him.

Destiny Angel visits Black and after a brief discussion, she says she believes him. Black pushes her away, saying she could never be certain; that even he isnít certain. She flees in tears, passing Scarlet. Black dispassionately tells him he was saying goodbye to Destiny. He then tells Scarlet that he knows how to destroy the Mysterons once and for all. Scarlet is compelled to take the case to White, who doesnít feel he can take the risk of Scarlet returning to Mars, in case it is a trap.

Scarlet decides that the risk is worth it and breaks Black out of the brig. They escape from Skybase on a pair of stolen Raid bikes, closely pursued by Captains Blue and Ochre. Blue and Ochre are ambushed; Ochre is stunned immediately, but Scarlet tries to reason with Blue before having to stun him too. They make their way to the International Space Agency and requisition a space shuttle. On Skybase, White could have them stopped there and then, but after a consultation with Destiny Angel, he allows them to take off.

On Mars, Scarlet and Black make their way to the Mysteron City using Blackís knowledge. The Mysterons follow them down a ravine and try to trap them, but they escape before any damage can be done to their Bison. The Mysterons then appear in front of them and threaten to destroy them. However, Black begs for an audience, and they are transported into the Mysteron City. Leaving the Bison, Black confidently sets off into the city, but Scarlet is not so sure and leaves a homing beacon on the Bison.

Black leads them to an enormous Mysteron ring, where he is immediately taken over again. The Mysterons tell Scarlet that no-one escapes them forever, not even him. Scarlet lashes out at Black and, after a struggle, attaches a bomb to his space suit and throws him into the ring. He then follows the homing signal back to the Bison. The Mysterons catch him, but the bomb explodes and Scarlet is released from their power. The complex collapses even as Scarlet flees in the Bison, and he barely escapes before it implodes completely. He returns to the shuttle without further incident.

However, Captain Black watches as he takes off and then disappears in a flash of green light.

Quotable Scarlet

Black: I never liked this hellhole, even before the Mysterons.
Scarlet: You never liked any place you couldnít get a decent cup of coffee.

Episode Rating: 4.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 5/5

You probably can guess from the rating that I like this a lot. The idea of Black actually being free to be himself, but still ultimately being under Mysteron control without even realising it is just wonderful, and an idea I have kind of been toying with for years (for the classic series). The script is tight, the interplay between Scarlet and Black is again excellent and it always seems plausible. There is a good balance between the action and the plot. This just ticks all the boxes for me.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Dominic Lavery

Animated by Green team

Transmission date: 19 November 2005

Appears on DVD 4