Spectrum Online Enigma Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Captain Grey, Captain Black, Lieutenant Green, Destiny Angel & Melody Angel.

The Mysterons send a ship to Earth and the Angels are sent to investigate. The Mysteron ship attacks them and severely damages Melody's Falcon, but nothing the Angels have make a dent in the ship. As they return to Skybase for reloading the Mysteron ship changes course and heads straight for Skybase itself. The Angels are ordered to attack the ship with everything they have whilst Skybase is evacuated of non-essential personnel. After a second unsuccessful run White orders a full evacuation, but Green reports that the Mysteron ship has changed course again, and is no longer going to collide with them.

The ship lands in Australia, and Scarlet, Blue, Ochre and Grey are sent to investigate. The four officers are teleported inside the craft, where Ochre is promptly separated from the group and menaced by an apparition. She shoots at it and it morphs into Blue, who dies. Moments later, the ship returns her to Scarlet and Blue, who is very much alive. As they muse on the whereabouts of Captain Grey, who has also become separated from the group, Blue and Ochre are teleported out of the ship. Grey is already there.

The Mysterons plunge Scarlet into a world where they have complete control, where Skybase is destroyed and where Black and Destiny are married with children. Black explains that it is a potential reality, manipulated by the 'good' Mysterons1. He and Destiny go on to inform Scarlet that the Mysterons need his help, and that they can send him back in time to the Mars mission. He can then stop Black from firing at the Mysteron city and prevent the war from ever taking place.

Outside of the ship, the rest of the team are still trying to retrieve Scarlet by any means necessary, including launching missiles at it. Nothing works, but Blue refuses to give up trying despite orders from White to abandon the mission.

Scarlet is transported back to Mars, where he tries to change events, but the whole thing has been set up by the 'bad' Mysterons from the start, and Scarlet is forced to watch the Mysteron city be destroyed again.

At that moment, the Mysteron ship explodes, leaving nothing except Scarlet in its wake. It has all been a decoy - in the meantime, the Mysterons have wiped out 30% of the world's oil supply.

1 See The Achilles Messenger and Astrid Winters

Quotable Scarlet

White: Today, the Mysterons have shown themselves to be superior in ways we could never have imagined. They are an enemy that not only fights in the shadows, but marshals those shadows against us. Today, they have won. But the war goes on, gentlemen. And we will win it. We must.

Episode Rating: 5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

A very unusual episode in which the Mysterons win, and I find myself thinking: 'About time too'. No, I am not rooting for the Mysterons, but for all their apparant power, they never seem to win in NCS.

The return of the 'Achilles Messenger' storyline was very welcome, even though it was being used as bait by the bad guys. How deliciously evil of them to dangle it in front of Scarlet's nose like that.

Thoroughly enjoyable - a well-earned 4/5

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Dominic Lavery

Animated by Blue team

Transmission date: 17 September 2005

Appears on DVD 1