Spectrum Online Fallen Angels Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Lieutenant Green & Destiny, Harmony & Melody Angels.

With appearances from:

Captain Grey.

The Angels are accompanying a Swift transporting Colonel White, Captain Blue and Captain Ochre, who are off to a World Summit where all of the world’s leaders will be attending. The Swift is quickly attacked by four Canadian planes that have been reported as AWOL. The Vampires are defeated, but Destiny, Harmony and Melody all have to bail out and land safely on a deserted, beautiful desert island. Scarlet, who has been left in charge, tells them they can’t be rescued until the summit is over, in a day’s time, and tells them to make the most of it.

Out at sea, a biological research ship has been raided and destroyed by pirates, who have looted a safe. The contents of the safe are useless to them however, the Mysterons use the deadly toxin to kill the crew and send them on a mission: to find the three Angels and ‘extract’ the location of the World Summit from them, so that the Mysterons can kill all of the word leaders in one fell swoop.

The three Angels, in the meantime, have been exploring their temporary accommodation, and not only find signs that there have been people on the island in the past, but that their next-door neighbour is a smoking volcano. They return to the escape pods to summon an early rescue, but before they can do so, one of the pods is destroyed by the pirates and they are taken prisoner. It doesn’t take them long to escape their captors and flee into the jungle; however for Harmony and Melody, their freedom is short-lived, and they are captured again. The pirate captain, Vana, decides that they won’t bother with Destiny, as they don’t need her as well. However, after she scans her captives’ minds*, she discovers that neither actually knows the location of the summit (despite an early bluff from Harmony), but that Destiny does. They need her after all. The muscle, Kruger, volunteers to find her, but Vala points out that there will be no need; Destiny will come to them.

Destiny, meanwhile, has been fashioning weapons from the available resources, culminating in a flaming arrow being shot at the cave the pirates are camped out in. Vala obviously sees this as a threat, as the men are sent to find her. O’Brien, the safecracker, is the first to find Destiny, courtesy of an arrow shot at him. She runs, leading him into a man-trap. The helmsman, Chan is next, knocked from a tree. Whilst she is checking him for weapons, Kruger appears. However, Destiny appears to have planned for this eventuality, and pulls a creeper that releases a swinging log, knocking the gun from Kruger’s hands. She runs, and he pursues her, but is knocked from a cliff.

With all the guards dispatched, Destiny turns her attention back to the volcano, which is starting to erupt properly now. She quickly goes to rescue her comrades, and dispatches Vana by flipping her into a lava flow. The three of them manage to make it to the beach and take the pirates’ jet skis, escaping to the pirate ship where they watch the eruption in safety.

* It isn't made clear whether this is an ability Vana possessed before her Mysteronisation, or something they gave her. Given that no other replicants have exhibited this power thus far, we must assume it is unique to Vana herself.

Quotable Scarlet

Scarlet: It's a good thing I've got an indestructable butt.

Scarlet: Lieutenant, are you turning green with envy?
Green: No, sir. It must be the light reflecting off my tunic.
Scarlet (chuckles): Very good.

(Scarlet leaves)

Green: You bet I’m jealous!

Did you spot...?

  • Ochre is reading 'Instrument of Destruction', possibly lent to her by Colonel White
  • The ship destroyed by the pirates at the start is called “Four Feathers”, a clear reference to one of Gerry Anderson’s early works, “Four Feather Falls”.

Episode Rating: 2.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 3/5

Right, first-off I'm really annoyed with myself for giving this such a good rating. I have no idea what possessed me at the time. There's far, far too much of Destiny being ridiculously good at everything (although I suppose she has little dialogue), and there is far too much shoddy science at work here. That eruption just isn't believeable. Anyone who has watched Dante's Peak, let alone actually studied vulcanology to any degree (and I'm talking secondary school level here), knows that an explosion like that would create a pyroclastic flow that would have incinerated the Angels and the island in seconds, and probably the pirate ship too. Volcanos are scary things, and kids should be warned about this, not have Volcano-like scenes where you can just stroll away from liquid rock without any ill-effects at all! Also, given the issues with volcanic ash, as highlighted by Eyjafjallajökull and BA Flight 9, the airspace around that island would have been closed.

Rant over. I'm a science teacher. Sue me for nit-picking the science.

The interplay between Green and Scarlet is brilliant. Points for that. They should have scenes together more often.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by David Lane

Animated by Blue team

Transmission date: 22 October 2005

Appears on DVD 3