Spectrum Online Grey Skulls Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre & Lieutenant Green.

At Biotech chemical works, two bikers, Colt and Brock meet. Colt is trying to make peace, but Brock doesnít want to know. Suddenly, the talks are interrupted by the arrival of a police car. Brock runs into the factory whilst Colt takes cover outside. He watches the police office, Rimmer, follow Brock inside, closely followed by the arrival of Scarlet and Blue. Unfortunately, Coltís bike is crushed by the Rhino and he is devastated, until Captain Ochre arrives on her Raid bike. She hurries inside to assist her colleagues, leaving the bike unlocked. Colt is unable to resist.
Before he steals the bike however, he sees a green flash from the roof of the chemical works: the disappearance of Rimmer, having killed and Mysteronised Brock to take his place.

Back on Skybase, Colonel White is furious with Ochre: he accepts that the Mysterons are slippery, and that they lost their best lead, however he cannot and will not accept the loss of the bike. He instructs her to get it back as soon as possible. Green tells her the wreckage under the Rhino has the symbol of the Grey Skulls gang on it.

Ochre heads out to Roswell, New Mexico, where she finds two Grey Skulls. After a brief altercation, she persuades them to take her to the gang leader. When she finds Colt, he destroys her Cheetah before taking her to the Grey Skullsí base; an abandoned government bunker from the Cold War. It now houses weapons and an alien skull. Ochre tries to convince Colt that there is no such thing as aliens, but when he tells her what he saw at the chemical works, she has no choice but to relent. She tells him about the Mysterons and he agrees to help her find Brock.

Meanwhile, Scarlet and Blue have discovered that Rimmer was due to be on duty at the grand opening of Stellar City, the largest theme park in the world. This fits with all of their information about the bomb Rimmer was carrying; one containing alien spores from Ganymede that are completely lethal but can only survive in Earthís atmosphere for a few minutes. Lots of people in a small area is a perfect target for the bomb. They head there immediately. Ochre rendezvouses with them, with Colt in tow. He immediately identifies Brock in the line for the Ferris wheel, and they hurry to stop him.

Brock is already on the ride by the time they arrive, and the Mysterons have fused the controls so that it cannot be stopped. Scarlet jumps on and makes his way to Brockís capsule. He kills Brock, but the bomb drops. Ochre manages to catch it and, with Coltís help, drives it out into the middle of the desert and incinerates it.

Did you spot...?

  • that Captain Ochre lost a lot more Spectrum equipment getting her bike back... I can't help but think Colonel White won't like that either.

Episode Rating: 4.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

Do you know the only thing that kills this for me? Blue's info dump. I don't mind the one in White's office at the start - it fits with the scene. Blue's, however, doesn't.

Ochre and Colt are a fantastic pair, and I really wish there had been more episodes just to explore Colt and the Grey Skulls more. There is a whole other alien fight going on that we don't know anything about! And what if the Greys and the Mysterons decide to get together?

Ooh... plot bunny... Dammit.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by David Lane

Animated by White team

Transmission date: 26 November 2005

Appears on DVD 4