Spectrum Online The Homecoming Mission Logs Season One


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green, Doctor Gold, Destiny Angel & Harmony Angel.

Lieutenant Green is desperate to hear news when the escape capsule from her father's missing space craft is discovered. First impressions are not good; all of the occupants appear dead. Then the Captain Scarlet stumbles upon the final stasis tube, still active. It is that of Commander Lewis. He is still alive!

Colonel White, fully aware of the chance that the Mysterons have tampered with the escape pod and taken over Commander Lewis, orders him to be brought aboard Skybase for medical assessment. During the testing, Lewis hypnotises Dr. Gold, causing him to perform the DNA analysis on his own blood rather than Lewis's, ensuring a good result.

With a clean bill of health, Lewis is allowed to mingle with the officers on Skybase. However, Captain Scarlet soon becomes suspicious when Lewis tries to kill him during a fencing 'practice'. He is saved when Lieutenant Green interrupts them and announces that she has arranged to accompany her father home to the Space Agency.

Scarlet goes to Sickbay and confronts Gold about the blood test. Gold denies that there could have been a mistake, but Scarlet spots the blood stain on Gold's sleeve where the doctor drew the blood from himself.

Lewis and Green are picked up by a military jeep. Lewis hijacks the jeep, orders their escort, Major Franks and the driver out and makes Green drive back towards the plane. Scarlet and Blue parachute in, guns blazing. Green manages to throw Lewis from the jeep, but he is not injured, and takes Green hostage before the two captains have landed.

Lewis locks himself in a bunker with Green. The installation houses an antimatter reactor - a test system that the Space Agency hoped would revolutionise space travel. Lewis triggers an overload that will kill 8 million people. With no alternative plan, White orders the Angels to launch and destroy the bunker.

Blue discovers a duct leading into the bunker whilst analysing the blueprints. Major Franks tells the Spectrum officers that it is left over from the development of nuclear reactors, and is sealed off because it is still radioactive. It's too narrow for any protective gear and would be suicide for anyone to even attempt to get in to the bunker that way.

Scarlet sneaks into the bunker through the duct and frees Green. Before either of them can act, Lewis discovers them, and duels with Scarlet using rods from the reactor. Scarlet knocks Lewis over the railing of the gangway before succumbing to radiation poisoning. He tells Green that the Angels are on their way, but she refuses to leave without him. As she tries to help Scarlet to his feet, she sees Lewis, climbing back up to the gangway. She prepares herself to attack, but it is her father who speaks to her, not the Mysteron. He asks her to kill the Mysteron, just before it takes over again. Green steels herself, and knocks the Mysteron from the ladder. Lewis falls to his death, and Green races to shut down the reactor before it overloads.

Blue orders Destiny to abort the attack on the bunker when the security shields rise and the door opens, revealing Green and Scarlet.

Episode Rating: 3.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

It's lovely to see someone other than Scarlet and Blue getting lots of screen time. Despite my reservations, Green turned out to be a wonderful, well-rounded character; proof that the writers can produce a credible female character. The episode only fails to achieve a '5' on account of some questionable science (which, as a scientist, is important to me).

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by David Lane

Animated by Green team

Transmission date: 12 March 2005

Appears on DVD 2