Spectrum Online Instrument of Destruction (Part 2) Mission Logs Season One


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Black, Lieutenant Green & Destiny, Harmony & Symphony Angels.

With appearances from:

Melody & Rhapsody Angels.

MgGill returns to his office at TransGlobal and cancels all existing contracts so that his company can use all it's resources on a new deal.

Meanwhile, Captain Black takes a TransGlobal truck to a military research lab. He enters a secure area and removes a canister. As Black drives away, the installation blows up.

On Skybase, Colonel White briefs Captain Blue on events at the lab. A security review there was Black's last assignment before being sent to Mars, which allowed him to access all areas of the installation with ease. Blue is assigned to assist the FBI with their investigation into the explosion, and White sends Captain Scarlet with Blue in order to make use of the telepathic link that Scarlet and Black share. Meanwhile, White will be attending an emergency meeting with the United Nations regarding the Mysterons.

Scarlet and Blue meet with the FBI, who are searching the whole of the USA for Black using CCTV.

Black is at the UN building, where he enters an office leading to the conference room where White will be meeting with the representatives. He opens the canister that he stole from the lab, and a small spider-like robot emerges. Black slips the robot through an air vent into the conference room where it scuttles around, before targeting the Russian General Zamatev with a Mysteron beam.

Colonel White addresses the UN, but General Zamatev raises concerns about the aerial defenses that Skybase possesses, and puts forward an offer to assist Spectrum with Vampire fighter jets. Colonel White agrees, but Destiny Angel objects and storms out of the conference.

The FBI finally pick up Black on CCTV at the United Nations building, and it doesn't take Scarlet long to figure out that Black is planning an attack on Colonel White. They set off for the UN immediately.

Black lines up his shot through the air vent, but Scarlet crashes through the glass window behind White and takes the bullet himself, saving White's life.

Outside the office, Destiny sees Black making his escape and pursues him to a stairwell where she holds him at gunpoint. Black tries to convince her that the Mysterons have lost control of him, just as they did with Scarlet. She doesn't believe him, but he catches her off guard and knocks her out.

Black emerges on the roof level, where Blue is, and wastes no time in firing upon his former colleague. A TransGlobal helicopter picks Black up from the roof and they manage to get away.

Scarlet is loaded onto a Spectrum helicopter for transportation to Skybase.

Back on Skybase, Destiny confesses to White that she let Black escape, and resigns her commission.

The Mysterons attack a truck transporting troops as it crosses a suspension bridge.

On Skybase, Colonel White welcomes Captain Scarlet back to his duties, and Blue hands him his sidearm and apologises for doubting his friend. Lieutenant Green briefs the officers on TransGlobal, and her discovery that all of their trucks have been diverted to nuclear power stations across the globe. From her research, she estimates that the next shipment they make will be from the Pyrenees.

In the mountains, a TransGlobal truck leaves a nuclear plant, and is quickly spotted by Scarlet and Blue in a Rhino. Blue insists that Scarlet's plan is crazy, but as Scarlet points out, he can't be killed. Scarlet fires a grappling hook that catches hold of the ladder on the top of the tanker and he shimmies along the line. He uses a small laser to cut into the hold of the truck, and finds it filled with nuclear material.

Blue continues to tail the truck and watches it being loaded onto an air transporter. He requests that an Albatross, a plane capable of carrying a Rhino, picks him up to continue the chase.

Meanwhile, the Vampire squadron that General Zamatev promised appears on Skybase's radar. When White cannot contact the Vampires he orders the Angels to intercept them. Destiny abandons her packing after only a moment's hesitation and joins the rest of the girls on the flight deck.

The Angels quickly fall under the attack of the Vampires. After a brief dogfight, the Vampires are defeated, with all but one destroyed, and the last fled. Destiny heads after the renegade, suspecting the pilot to be dead, but she sees the Mysteron pilot come back to life and she quickly destroys the plane. As she comes around to return to Skybase, her Falcon suffers a system malfunction courtesy of the Mysterons, and the plane locks itself onto Skybase. White orders Harmony to shoot Destiny down, but Destiny activates the self-destruct mechanism rather than crash into Skybase. As White muses over her actions, her escape pod emerges from the inferno. Destiny is alive and well, and manages to safely crash-land on the runway.

Blue continues to track the TransGlobal plane into Siberian airspace, where it lands. Black stops the unloading of the truck when he senses that Scarlet is aboard, and throws a gas canister through the hole that Scarlet cut in the roof and renders the stowaway captain unconscious.

When Scarlet comes to, he is restrained in a pit filled with canisters of nuclear fuel rods. Captain Black arms the bomb contained within the pit- a bomb that, when combined with the fuel rods, is capable of blowing the whole world apart - and walks away, leaving Scarlet to watch the ten minute countdown. Scarlet manages to free himself from the electronic handcuffs using the laser from his belt pouch, but time is ticking away, and the only means of disarming the bomb is with Captain Black!

Blue picks up Scarlet in the Rhino and together they pursue Black, who makes his escape into a gargantuan Russian Dreznik tank, driven by General Zamatev. The Dreznik fires on the Rhino and misses, but the Rhino's missiles are useless against the enemy tank.

When the Dreznik succeeds in flipping the Rhino, Scarlet orders Blue to retreat. Blue refuses and challenges Scarlet to shoot him. Scarlet does, with his gun on the 'stun' setting, knocking Blue out. Scarlet takes control of the Rhino and leads the Dreznik across an ice field. The ice breaks under the weight of the Dreznik, and the tank sinks into the water, short-circuiting the timer and halting the countdown of the bomb.

Quotable Scarlet

Agent Avery: Hey, where's your weapon?
Scarlet: Er, cutbacks. Blue gets the gun on Fridays.

Blue: You know, this is crazy.
Scarlet: Next you'll tell me I'm going to get myself killed...

Did you spot...?

  • During the UN summit, the Belgian delegate has two video screens, both to Colonel White's right.

    (spotted by Marion)

Episode Rating: 3.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 1/5

Perhaps I am a little overly critical of these two episodes, but having grown up as a huge fan of the original series, I couldn't help but compare this episode to 'The Mysterons' and feel a little cheated. They had twice the time to play with, yet Scarlet's plotline was over and done with far, far too quickly before they rushed on with Black. There was so much to work with, and so little done with it. But, hey, everyone else likes it.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by David Lane

Transmission date: 19 February 2005

Appears on DVD 1