Spectrum Online Proteus Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green, Destiny Angel, Symphony Angel & Lieutenant Silver.

The Angels are tracking a warship, Proteus, that has both stealth capacity to hide from their scanners and the ability camouflage itself against the ocean so that it is invisible to the naked eye. Once Destiny reports that they have lost contact with the ship, Colonel White calls them off, and congratulates the ship's captain, Halser. It has been a successful test of Proteus' capabilities: a ship with enough armament to start a war, but only crewed by three men.

Whilst Colonel White and Captain Scarlet tour the armoury and engine room with Captain Halser, Lieutenant Green is introduced to the ship's AI, Mab by the computer expert, Mr Eden. Unfortunately, the Mysterons take that moment to kill Eden and take over the ship. Green tries to lock out the computer, but it is too late, and she is thrown from the central processor, unconscious.

In the engine room, Captain Halser is killed by a maintenance drone, and Scarlet and White barely manage to fight their way out. They manage to rendezvous with Green, but as they are escaping to their Hummingbird, White is shot by another drone. Scarlet and Green manage to get him to the helipad, but the third crewmember, Fiegler, has got there first and lifted off. As they watch, the ship shoots the Hummingbird down. They are trapped. Scarlet gets them to Sickbay and Green barricades the door, but they need to find a way off the ship in order to save White's life. Their radios are being blocked by Mab and they aren't able to contact Skybase for help.

In the meantime, Blue is getting concerned about the lack of contact. Silver struggles, but eventually gets a channel through to the ship and is reassured by 'Colonel White' that all is fine and that they are staying aboard to observe further trials. In actual fact, Mab is mimicking the colonel's voice.

Scarlet makes a run for the bridge and, although Mab puts up a good fight, he makes it and finds the Mysteronised Halser there. Halser informs him of the Mysterons' plan: there is another prototype being tested, a Chinese vessel with their President on board. They intend to destroy the Chinese ship with US weaponry, plunging humanity into another World War. After imparting the plan, Halser disappears in a flash of green light, leaving Scarlet to make some quick plans. He directs Green to an escape pod, and tells her she only has five minutes to get herself and Colonel White to safety before he destroys the ship. At that moment, the drones track her down, and Green has to fight four off, turning their own lasers against them.

Scarlet mines the missiles, which are blow just seconds before they are fired at the Chinese ship. Green leaves without him, but Scarlet is thrown free from this ship before it explodes, and is able to meet the pod.

Back on Skybase, White tells Green she has acquitted herself in the field, and earned herself a promotion. Green is flattered, but turns it down, stating she would rather remain a lieutenant.

Quotable Scarlet

Scarlet: You're going to start a world war!
Halser: Why should the Mysterons destroy the human race when you're so ready to do it yourselves?
Scarlet: Not on my watch.

Episode Rating: 3.5 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 5/5

This is a really good episode: fast-paced, lots of action, an unusual bad guy and none of the rubbish lines from Destiny or Blue that usually drag it down for me. Also, Green gets to kick butt for the second time in two episodes. I'm a little sceptical about the whole camouflage idea, but who's to say that technology won't have evolved that far in the next fifty-five years?

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by White team

Transmission date: 8 October 2005

Appears on DVD 2