Spectrum Online Skin Deep Mission Logs Season One


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Black, Lieutenant Green & Destiny Angel.

Destiny Angel's shore leave with Captain Scarlet is interrupted when her help is requested in trials for a new guidance system. On her way to the air base, she encounters a few problems with another driver on the road and decides to teach him a lesson. Before she gets the opportunity, the car goes off the road and crashes into a copse of trees. She goes to help, only to find the car empty and Captain Black standing behind her.

Destiny arrives at the air base, apparently unhurt, although she appears to have changed into a black catsuit. Once inside, she breaks into an office and steals a series of missile launch codes. She's caught on the way out by a guard, but she knocks the guard out and heads back to the gate in her Cheetah. Before she can make her escape, the guard regains consciousness and sounds the alarm. The gate is barred, but Destiny makes use of the gliding ability of the Cheetah to jump clear and escape from the base.

Destiny returns to a nondescript building, where Captain Black is hiding out, and all becomes clear: Destiny Angel has been a captive of Black the whole time, and the theft of the launch codes was actually perpetrated by a surgically altered look-alike called Gina Martinelli. They have a device that Gina can use to alter her appearance almost instantaneously.

Meanwhile, Spectrum have discovered that the invitation for the test of the guidance system was a fake, and they are called in to investigate Destiny's involvement in the robbery. White reaches the only possible conclusion - that Destiny has been Mysteronised. The launch codes she stole are useless, but they still have a duty to stop the Mysteron clone.

Scarlet goes to where Destiny was when she last contacted Skybase and quickly finds Black's abandoned car. As he is investigating, he sees Destiny up on the road (although we know from the black catsuit that it is Gina). She takes off and he follows her to their hideout. Inside, they lay a trap for him and take him captive as well. Black reveals his deception, then Mysteronises Gina so that she can monitor Scarlet for Black. He gives Scarlet a mine and instructs him to detonate it in the fuel storage facilities, creating an explosion that will destroy Skybase. If Scarlet refuses, he'll Mysteronise Destiny and keep her as a slave for eternity.

Scarlet and Gina fly back to Skybase. White senses that there is a problem, but decides to trust Scarlet and gives them a free reign. However, when the two of them reach Fuel Storage, he puts the rest of the captains on alert.

As soon as they are in, Scarlet stuns all of the technicians on duty and plants the mine. Black watches gleefully from the surface as Gina witnesses the explosion of the mine before she is killed.

On Skybase, however, Scarlet has pulled a deception of his own: when he was captured, he was still carrying the camera he took on leave with him, and it was a high-powered flash from the camera that Gina saw - not the explosion that Black thought. Scarlet killed Gina and disabled the mine just before it was due to blow up.

Black unties Destiny, but he decides to Mysteronise her anyway. Destiny smashes a surgical light into Black's face and escapes in the Cheetah. Scarlet tracks her down and challenges her, but eventually he trusts his instincts and accepts that she was never Mysteronised.

Quotable Scarlet

Black: I'm afraid Gina hasn't been quite herself recently.

Gina: Okay, I've done everything we agreed. Now give me the rest of my money and I'll be on my way.
Black: Ah, yes. The green stuff. I have some green stuff for you.

(Shoots her & Mysteronsises her)

Did you spot...?

  • They're getting up to their old tricks, recycling old people. The guard who lets 'Destiny' into the air base is Captain Scarlet!

Episode Rating: 3 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

I had some of this rant back in 'Circles of Doom', but seriously, this is only the second (and last) time that Scarlet's sixth sense is mentioned. It feels like a cop-out, dropping it in suddenly because it suits the plot. Other than this minor detail, however, the story is fantastic. I'm a bit sceptical about Black's use of Gina as a webcam, but the Mysterons do have powers beyond our comprehension...

Oh, and Destiny's total road-rage can't be a good example to kids - it's not a good example to me, and I can drive!

Also, I do generally try to keep this clean, but Black wants to keep Destiny as a 'Mysteron slave'? Does anyone else hear the missing word in that phrase? (Kids, if you have to ask, you aren't old enough to know the answer.)

Written by John Brown

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by Blue team

Transmission date: 16 April 2005

Appears on DVD 3