Spectrum Online The Storm at the End of the World Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Ochre, Lieutenant Green & Doctor Gold.

With appearances from:

Captain Grey & Captain Indigo.

Ragnarok, Alaska. Population 52, all Mysterons.

Captains Scarlet and Blue come in search of a stolen Druzynik, and stumble across the remote mining town of Ragnarok. It is deserted, apart from the owner of the local diner, Katie, who tells them she has remained behind to wait for them. Everyone else is at the mine. Katie allows them to serve themselves drugged coffee, and once unconscious, the two captains are taken to the mine too. Once there, they locate the crew of the Druzynik, who are acting as guards. Scarlet and Blue are put to work digging, although they are not told what their goal is.

In the meantime, a storm has moved over Ragnarok, and whilst Colonel White is worried about the lack of communication, Green advises the storm may be interfering with their radios. White orders a rescue mission to be sent as soon as the storm clears up. Scarlet and Blue are on their own until it does.

After a failed escape attempt, in which Scarlet and Blue are restrained, the Mysterons’ target is located: a meteor that crashed to Earth millennia ago and contains spores capable of ending all life on Earth, in the right, warm-blooded host. The townspeople will become carriers for the spores, and fly to every major city on the planet to start the infection of the human race. They transport the meteor to the surface, leaving the captains trapped in the mine, which has been filled with explosives.

The natives make quick work of opening the meteor and infecting themselves with the deadly spores, but in the meantime, Scarlet and Blue have managed to escape. They get back to the town, but before they can reach the Hummingbird and raze Ragnarok to the ground, it is destroyed by the Russians. Scarlet and Blue flee, and manage to kill all of the Russian replicants, but not before Blue himself is shot. At first, Scarlet refuses to leave Blue, as he’ll die quickly in the freezing conditions, but Blue persuades him that, with little time left, if he doesn’t leave and destroy the Mysterons, he will have to watch everyone on Earth die instead.

Scarlet commandeers the abandoned Druzynik and, whilst he doesn’t manage to stop the plane taking off, he shoots it down before it can get out of range, and destroys the replicated town before hurrying back to where he left Blue. Blue has gone, but left an obvious trail: he has headed towards the flaming wreckage of the town in an effort to keep warm. For a moment, things appear bad, but Captain Ochre and Doctor Gold arrive in the nick of time to save Blue’s life.

Episode Rating: 4 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 3/5

I might mock in the picture captions, but I actually rather like this episode. It's a bit scary that the Mysterons can just wipe out a whole town (albeit a small one), and that they're being used as plague carriers, whilst not a new concept even for the series, is still dastardly. I don't love it, mind you. As I said, the idea of plague carriers is borrowed from Touch of the Reaper, and the idea of the alien spores will be recycled in Grey Skulls. The escape from the mine was too long-winded for my tastes, and even though Scarlet is super-human, he's not supposed to be that super-human that he can kill off those Russian military replicants so easily. Also, they teased me with killing off 'Adam', who irritates me no end. I was almost disappointed when Doctor Gold said he would survive.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by Green team

Transmission date: 29 October2005

Appears on DVD 3