Spectrum Online Touch of the Reaper Mission Logs Season Two


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green & Doctor Gold.

With appearances from:

Captain Ochre, Captain Brown, Captain Grey, Captain Indigo, Captain Magenta, Lieutenant Silver & Rhapsody Angel.

Dr. Michael King and his assistant Dana Parish are working on a cure for Razza's Disease, a deadly infection caused by a filovirus similar to Ebola. The Mysterons kill the pair using a mutated form of the virus and reconstruct them and their deadly virus. The Mysteron agents kill a colleague with a single touch as they make their escape from the Centre.

Using information from King's wife, Scarlet and Blue track the scientists to a fishing cabin. Dana escapes on a motorcycle and Scarlet pursues her. Blue attempts to corner King and, after a very careful fight, Blue manages to trap him in the basement. Meanwhile, Scarlet shoots Dana's bike out from underneath her and, just as he thinks he has her cornered on a bridge, she jumps onto a truck passing below and escapes.

King is taken to Skybase for interrogation, but he vanishes into green light whilst in the brig. Meanwhile, Dana pays a visit to her boyfriend Dan Lloyd, a well-known media high-flyer and a personal friend of the American President. She kills him with a kiss and he is Mysteronised in the same way as Dana was.

Scarlet and Blue muse that the methodology is too targeted for the Mysterons to be starting a plague, and that they must be after a specific target. They realise that Dana's only purpose is to pass the virus on, and that the President is the true target. Dan Lloyd has an interview with the President on board Airforce One in just an hour's time.

Scarlet and Blue land too late to board the flight, so in a desperate attempt to get onboard the sealed plane, Blue flies a Cheetah alongside the undercarriage and Scarlet leaps onto the ascending wheels. Scarlet breaks into the main cabin, and intercepts Lloyd just before he can shake the President's hand. Lloyd infects Scarlet with the virus, but thankfully, Scarlet's Mysteronised immune system is able to cope with the infection much better than that of a normal person. He and Lloyd fight, and tumble down to the cargo deck. Scarlet, weakened by the virus sees his only chance is to open the bay doors and flush Lloyd out of the plane. He manages to do so, and Lloyd disappears into the clouds in a flash of green.

Scarlet awakens in quarantine. Doctor Gold assures him that he'll be up and about again within the day, and Blue reveals that the President is awarding Scarlet the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroics aboard Airforce One.

Quotable Scarlet

The Mysterons: You cannot defeat us, Earthmen. The revenge of the Mysterons will be protracted. Earth will die a lingering death, piece by piece.
White: A war of nerves, is that what you mean?

Well, they had to get the whole 'War of Nerves' thing in somehow, didn't they?

Lloyd: You're a dead man, Scarlet.
Scarlet: I've been dead before.

Did you spot...?

  • In the still above, just after Scarlet has been infected, the red lines carry on into his hair - over the black. Wouldn't have even seen it myself if I hadn't paused for that shot!

Episode Rating: 4.5 star
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Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

This is clearly meant to be fairly early on in Season One, with Scarlet doubting himself, and it being the first time they see Mysteron agents disappear, but even so, it's really good. It's not quite on a par with some of the others, and thus falls just short of the 5/5 mark, but it is still a really good watch.

Written by Phil Ford

Directed by Mark Woollard

Animated by Blue team

Transmission date: 3 September 2005

Appears on DVD 1