Spectrum Online Trap for a Rhino Mission Logs Season One


Colonel White, Captain Scarlet, Lieutenant Green, Doctor Gold, Destiny Angel & Harmony Angel.

Old Mrs MacKenzie wakes one night to find the power station near to her house surrounded by luminescent green rings, but no one at the power station seems to notice. The Mysterons attack Mrs MacKenzie before she can cause any more bother.

Despite the scepticism of the police, Colonel White decides to investigate the 'UFO' sighting, and sends Harmony Angel and Cadet Johnson on ahead to investigate, whilst Scarlet makes his way there from Skybase. Unfortunately for Harmony, Cadet Johnson is also Mysteronised.

At the house, Harmony quickly interviews Mrs MacKenzie and Johnson stalls for time, telling Harmony that he heard a noise upstairs. When they investigate, however, Johnson attacks Harmony and she fends him off with little trouble. However, she bargained without the intervention of Mrs MacKenzie, who is not as frail as she makes out.

Meanwhile, Scarlet makes his way to the power station, where the Head of Security explains to Scarlet that the nuclear reactor is extremely well defended, because if it were to be breached, the radiation would kill everyone in a 500 mile radius. The defenses include fighter jets and missiles to counter any potential threat.

Johnson forces Harmony to report in to Skybase and let them know she is following up on a lead so that no-one will come looking for her. However, she uses a distress code to let White know that she is in trouble and he quickly takes action, sending both Scarlet and Destiny out to look for her. Unfortunately, this seems to be exactly what Johnson wants.

Scarlet visits Mrs MacKenzie, who tells him that Harmony and Johnson left a while ago on foot, checking on a lead she gave them. Scarlet insists on checking out the cottage, to ensure that Mrs MacKenzie is safe. He doesn't find anything, because Johnson has taken Harmony down into the basement. Scarlet isn't satisfied with Mrs MacKenzie's story, but as he is reporting in to Skybase, Mrs MacKenzie speeds away from the cottage in her car. He gives chase in the Rhino.

After a very short chase, Scarlet finds Mrs MacKenzie lying face-down on the road and he gets out of the Rhino to check on her. Whilst Scarlet battles with Mrs MacKenzie, Johnson sneaks out from behind the car and claims the Mysterons' prize - the Rhino. Mrs MacKenzie falls from the roadside to her death. Scarlet contacts Destiny, but she won't reach the area before the Rhino gets to the power plant, so he gives chase in the Hummingbird instead.

Destiny arrives to engage the Rhino, but Johnson employs its defensive capabilities to deflect her missiles. The resulting explosion damages the Rhino, but not enough to stop Johnson. By the time Destiny gets another shot, the Rhino is too close to the reactor to risk firing missiles again. Destiny is forced to leave the mission down to Scarlet, who intercepts the Rhino and crashes the Hummingbird into it. He succeeds in preventing a catastrophe, but Scarlet is badly injured.

Quotable Scarlet

(Johnson is picking up his broken coffee cup)

Harmony: Coffee that bad, huh?

Johnson: Just call me banana-fingers.


(Scarlet is checking around Mrs MacKenzie's cottage)

Mrs MacKenzie: I haven't even made my bed yet.
Scarlet: I've seen untidy bedrooms before. Especially mine.

And the one we've all been waiting for...

Scarlet: Destiny? Am I in heaven?
Destiny: No, Paul. You're here, in my arms.
Scarlet: That's what I mean.

Oh, dear God! I'm sorry, Mr Brown, there is just no excuse...

Did you spot...?

  • When Scarlet's fingerprint is taken at the power station gate, the display reads 'Metcalfe, Paul, Captain Scarlet'. I mean, what is the point of a secret identity if every Tom, Dick and Harry knows your real name?

Episode Rating: 4 stars
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Reviewer's Rating: 3/5

You know, call me strange, but this episode really doesn't thrill me at all. It has so much going for it that I've tried really hard to like it, but I just can't. It has a potentially good plot (albeit a little gappy) and it has some of the best CGI landscapes I've ever seen. It has one of the most random bad-guys (Mrs MacKenzie). But it just doesn't grip me. It also has the HUGE drag factor of that last exchange between Scarlet and Destiny. There are no words...

Written by John Brown

Directed by Dominic Lavery

Animated by White team

Transmission date: 30 April 2005

Appears on DVD 4