Mission Logs

Season One

Production order shown in brackets after viewing order. Premiere UK air dates shown in brackets after title.

1. (1.) Instrument of Destruction
(Part 1)
(12 February 2005) 3.5 stars
2. (2.) Instrument of Destruction
(Part 2)
(19 February 2005)
A mission to Mars has deadly consequences when Captain Black opens fire on an alien city. The aliens, calling themselves the 'Mysterons', declare war on Earth, kill Black and take control of Captain Scarlet, who will act as their Instrument of Destruction.

Meanwhile, Captain Black and McGill work together to destroy the Earth. Can Spectrum stop Scarlet and uncover their plot before it is too late?

3. (8.) Swarm (26 February 2005) 4 stars
When a bug with a taste for metal multiplies into a swarm that manages to take Lieutenant Green prisoner, and threatens the continued existence of Skybase, Spectrum must race to find a way to kill the Mysteronised menaces!

4. (7.) Rat Trap (5 March 2005) 3.5 stars
When Earth loses contact with the Elysium Science base on Mars, Scarlet, Blue, Gold, Destiny and Harmony are sent to investigate. The Mysterons have turned the scientists' equipment on them - can the officers survive the deadly attacks of the RAT?

5. (5.) The Homecoming (12 March 2005) 3.5 stars
The escape capsule from an old spaceship narrowly misses Skybase on its return to Earth. The only living occupant of the probe, Commander Lewis, is brought aboard Skybase, where his daughter, Lieutenant Green, is waiting for him. But all is not as it appears...

6. (4.) Mercury Falling (19 March 2005) 3.5 stars
Time is running out for Blue and Destiny when they are stranded in orbit by the Mysterons!

7. (9.) Circles of Doom (26 March 2005) 3 stars
Can Captains Scarlet and Blue solve the a mysterious technological breakdown before the whole world is brought to its knees?

8. (3.) Rain of Terror (9 April 2005) 3 stars
The Mysterons sabotage a rain-making experiment, but can Scarlet and Destiny stop the trial run before it is too late?
9. (12.) Skin Deep (16 April 2005) 3 stars
Spectrum fear the worst when Destiny Angel is caught on camera stealing top secret security codes, but can Captain Scarlet get to the bottom of the mystery?
10. (6.) Chiller (23 April 2005) 4.5 stars
There is a bomb on Skybase, and Scarlet is the only one who knows about it. Trouble is, he's dead...

Can Scarlet find a way to contact his friends from beyond the grave, before it's too late for everyone?
11. (10.) Trap for a Rhino (30 April 2005) 4 stars
The Mysterons lay a trap for Spectrum so that they can steal a Rhino and attack the Grampian Power Station. Will Spectrum fall for it?
12. (13.) Heist (7 May 2005) 3.5 stars
Captain Black kidnaps Colonel White's daughter in an attempt to discredit him. Can Scarlet and Blue rescue her before it is too late for White?
13. (11.) The Achilles Messenger (14 May 2005) 4.5 stars
The Mysterons rally around to stop one of their own replicants before she reveals the secret to defeating them. Can Spectrum protect her from the rest of her species?

Season Two

1. (11.) Touch of the Reaper (3 September 2005) 4.5 stars
The Mysterons reconstruct a pair of scientists who carry a lethal virus in their blood. One touch can kill a man, and it is a race against time before they infect the entire human race!
2. (1.) Virus (10 September 2005) 4.5 stars
Skybase is infected with a computer virus that hypnotises people into killing. Can Scarlet resist it for long enough to pull the plug?
3. (3.) Enigma (17 September 2005) 5 stars
A UFO crashes down, leading Spectrum to investigate. Once inside, the vessel offers Scarlet the chance to change time and stop the war before it starts. Is this the chance Spectrum have been looking for?
4. (4.) Best of Enemies (24 September 2005) 4 stars
Scarlet and Black are forced to work together when they end up trapped in a Rhino at the bottom of a frozen lake.
5. (2.) Contact (1 October 2005) 3 stars
When a scientist disappears with a bomb, Scarlet and Blue must rely on the most unlikely source to trace him - his convict twin brother.
6. (5.) Proteus (8 October 2005) 3.5 stars
When the intelligent warship Proteus is taken over by the Mysterons, Scarlet, Green and White must attempt to stop it reaching its target - without getting killed themselves!
7. (6.) Syrtis Major (15 October 2005) 4.5 stars
When Vulcan Industries decide to re-start their Martian mining facility, Spectrum are sent to retrieve the miners. It is a race against time to locate them before the Mysterons do.
8. (7.) Fallen Angels (22 October 2005) 2.5 stars
Three Angels are stranded in a desert paradise, and look forward to an unexpected vacation. That is, until a bunch of Mysteronised pirates land and take them hostage!
9. (8.) The Storm at the End of the World (29 October 2005) 4 stars
Scarlet and Blue are captured by Mysterons in Alaska and forced to help them excavate an ancient meteor that has the power to destroy the human race. Scarlet is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life - can he save the world if it means sacrificing Captain Blue?
10. (9.) Duel (5 November 2005) 4 stars
Lieutenant Green and Destiny Angel's holiday to the moon goes horribly wrong when they get caught up in a Mysteron threat.
11. (10.) Shape Shifter (12 November 2005) 4.5 stars
A shape-shifter is loose on Skybase that can assume the shape of anyone it touches. Can Spectrum track it down before it manages to take over?
12. (12.) Grey Skulls (26 November 2005) 4.5 stars
Captain Ochre loses a Raid Bike during a mission, and her efforts to retrieve it lead her to allies in the most unexpected of places.
13. (13.) Dominion (19 November 2005) 4.5 stars
Scarlet finally gets his hands on Captain Black, only to find that the Mysterons have released him. Together, they plot to destroy the Mysterons once and for all. Can Black be trusted or is he leading Scarlet into a trap?

Another script, entitled 'House of Dolls' was written but never produced. The cast performed the script at the 'Sector 25' convention in 2006, and a recording of the first act is available on YouTube. It's well worth a look, even if just to see Wayne Forrester's wonderful over-acting.
The video below will play all five clips back-to-back.

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