An extremely heavy-duty vehicle used for travelling on other worlds, such as the Moon and Mars. Bisons are heavily armed, and are capable of destroying whole cities.

A jet-boosted rapid response vehicle with the ability to glide over rough terrain and even fly for short distances.

A supersonic Advanced Tactical Fighter (AFT) jet. With high speed and maneuverability and armed to the teeth, these planes are used as interceptors by the Angel Flight. The cockpit can be detached from the main craft in case of an emergency.

An armed helicopter with high maneuverability and speed.
Raid Bike

A motorcycle capable of launching directly from Skybase, with the rider protected by a pressurised canopy. Folding wings allow a smooth touchdown at high speed.

An armoured vehicle similar to a tank, armed with two twin cannons, armour-piercing missiles, harpoon guns, magnetic clamps and battering rams. It has a high-speed capability courtesy of jet boosters.

A flying aircraft carrier and military base, remains at 60,000 feet above sea-level, but can be maneuvered within the atmosphere in order to place it as close as possible to the action. It is 330 metres long, and has a hardware complement of a Swift Passenger Jet and 2 Albatrosses, as well as the Falcons and Raid-bikes.

An executive passenger jet which can double as a control centre if required.

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