WASP Personnel

Captain Troy Tempest

Troy is the charming captain of the WASP submarine 'Stingray'. Together with his hydrophones operator, known as 'Phones', he patrols the seas, often managing to find trouble amongst the natives.
He seems to be involved in a love triangle of sorts with Marina and Atlanta.

Voiced by Don Mason

Lieutenant George "Phones" Sheridan

Troy's trusted right-hand man and hydrophones operator, Phones often takes a back seat to his world-renowned captain, but his skills are highly valued by Tempest.

Voiced by Robert Easton


A princess of the mute underwater race known as Pacficans. She was a slave of Titan when the Stingray crew first came across her. She is able to breathe underwater without apparatus.

Voiced by Sylvia Anderson (in Troy's dream)

Lieutenant Atlanta Shore

Atlanta is the communications officer at Marineville. She seems to be involved with Troy Tempest, although this is never confirmed.

Voiced by Lois Maxwell

Commander Sam Shore

Commander Shore is the senior officer at Marineville. He has a quick temper and little time for Titan's games with the WASPs. He is Atlanta's father, and is very protective of her.
Shore was crippled in an accident some years ago, and is now confined to a hover-chair that has been designed especially for use at Marineville.

Voiced by Ray Barrett

Lieutenant Fisher


The megalomaniacal ruler of the underwater city of Titanica. Titan has conquered most of the submarine races, but since the escape of Marina and the Stingray crew his authority is waning, leading Titan to try any means necessary to destroy Troy Tempest and regain Marina's servitude.

Surface Agent X20

Titan's spy on the surface, Agent X20 lives in what appears to be a rundown house on the Island of Lemoy. Concealed within is a powerful transceiver that picks up transmissions from Titan. X20 is a master of disguise, using many different hairpieces to fool the WASPs