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Set in 1960, 'Supercar' was based around the invention of Dr. Beaker and Professor Popkiss - an all-terrain car also capable of flight in both air and space, and underwater propulsion. Their chosen test-pilot, Mike Mercury, often used Supercar in order to rescue people in danger.

Season One

1. Rescue

Bill and Jimmy Gibson are involved in a plane crash, and are rescued by the experimental Supercar.
2. Amazonian Adventure

Mitch the Monkey falls ill, and the only cure is a rare plant found only in the Amazon.
3. The Talisman of Sargon

Masterspy tricks Dr. Beaker into translating an ancient tablet that reveals the whereabouts of a priceless and reportedly magical jewel.
4. False Alarm

Masterspy and Zarin send out a fake distress call in order to lure Supercar into a trap.
5. What Goes Up

Dr. Beaker and Professor Popkiss are involved in the testing of a new fuel for the USAF, but when things go wrong, it is up to Mike to save the day.
6. Keep It Cool

Bill Gibson and Dr. Beaker are hijacked by Masterspy whilst transporting new fuel for Supercar across the Nevada Desert.
7. Grounded

New circuits for Supercar's remote control are stolen, and Supercar is sabotaged.
8. Jungle Hazard

Masterspy attempts to take a rubber estate belonging to Dr. Beaker's cousin, Miss Felicity Farnworth.
9. High Tension

Masterspy kidnaps Dr. Beaker in attempt to steal Supercar.
10. A Little Art

Dr. Beaker buys a painting that reveals the locations of a forger's plates.
11. Island Incident

The team are asked for help by the previous ruler of Pelota, who has been deposed by his tyrannical brother.
12. Ice Fall

Dr. Beaker gets into trouble during a trip to the mountains.
13. The Tracking of Masterspy

Masterspy tricks Mike into revealing information about Supercar by posing as a reporter, and manages to steal plans, along with what he believes to be a new invention...
14. Phantom Piper

Dr. Beaker's cousin, Miss Farnworth, has problems in Scotland with a mysterious piper.
15. Deep Seven

Underwater trials on Supercar go disastrously wrong when it is caught in a mine cable!
16. Pirate Plunder

The team set up a trap to catch the pirate Black Morgan.
17. Flight of Fancy

Jimmy dreams that he and Mitch take Supercar to rescue a princess from two evil politicians.
18. Hostage

Dr. Beaker is involved in a kidnapping whilst on holiday in Ireland, and it is up to Mike to save the hostage, Eileen O'Farrell.
19. The Sunken Temple

Whilst assisting Professor Terman with an underwater excavation, Mike stumbles across the cache of the crook Spyros.
20. Trapped in the Depths

Two men are trapped in an experimental bathyscape after being attacked by a giant fish.
21. Crash Landing

Supercar crashes in the jungle, putting the crew in danger from an elephant stampede!
22. The Dragon of Ho Meng

Supercar is forced to land by a typhoon, and the crew are taken prisoner by treasure hunters.
23. The Lost City

When a mad English professor threatens to destro Washington with a guided missile, it is up to the team to locate his secret hideout beneath a lost city in the Amazon before it is too late!
24. The Magic Carpet

The team take medical supplies to a dying Asian prince, but they are taken prisoner by a group who want to seize power for their leader, Alif Bey.
25. The White Line

The team are called upon by Scotland Yard to help solve a series of bank and car robberies.
26. Supercar: Take One

When a mix-up with Dr. Beaker's new movie camera leaves them with a film shot of spies, the team set out to capture them, but instead find themselves trapped!

Season Two

1. The Runaway Train

Dr. Beaker and Professor Popkiss are trapped aboard a runaway atomic powered train after it is sabotaged by Masterspy and Zarin.
2. Precious Cargo

Professor Popkiss takes Supercar to meet a French wine merchant, whose foster daughter, Zizi, dreams of escape...
3. Operation Superstork

Tests on a new balloon that Dr. Beaker has built go wrong when Mitch unties its tether rope.
4. Hi-Jack

Masterspy and Zarin hi-jack Bill Gibson's plane whilst he is flying Dr. Beaker and Jimmy.
5. Calling Charlie Queen

Mike and Dr. Beaker answer a distress call from a man called Karloff, who turns out to be a terrorist planning to take over America by miniturising its citizens!
6. Space for Mitch

Mitch manages to set off a rocket whilst he is inside it, and goes into orbit!
7. The Sky's the Limit

Masterspy and Zarin attempt to buy Supercar using counterfeit money. When this fails, they plan to steal it instead.
8. 70 - B - Lo

Professor Popkiss needs a blood transfusion, but he has a rare type, and the nearest compatible donor is in the Arctic!
9. Atomic Witch Hunt

Atomic bombs have been planted throughout the United States, and it is up to the team to find the perpetrators.
10. Jail Break

The team are involved in a jail break when the criminals force Mike to pilot them to New Mexico.
11. The Day Time Stood Still

Mike is dreaming about his birthday party when everyone suddenly freezes, as if time itself has been stopped, and a stranger from another planet appears to award Mike with a sash and magic belt for his promotion of peace and goodwill.
12. Transatlantic Cable

Masterspy taps a transatlantic cable from the site of a wreck on the seabed.
13. King Kool

Mitch is tricked by a famous TV gorilla and finds himself locked in a cage whilst the gorilla travels to the laboratory with Dr. Beaker.

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