Mike Mercury Michael Mercury Jnr.

Date of birth: 3rd April 1930
Place of birth: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America
Personal Details: Born into a USAF family, loved flying from an early age. Following the death of his parents, he enlisted in the Air Force and rose through the ranks, notorious for his fearless exploits. Transferred to the Space Program in the 1950s. Met with Professor Popkiss and Dr. Beaker in 1958 and resigned from NASA to join them as Supercar's pilot.

Voiced by: Graydon Gould
Professor Felix Popkiss

Date of birth: 30th October 1902
Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary
Personal details: Born in Hungary to Swiss parents and moved to Switzerland in 1903, where his sister Heidi was born. Graduated From Geneva University in 1931 with degrees in Electronics, Aviation and Rocketry and set up his own research lab. Moved to the USA in 1937 and set up a new lab at Black Rock, Nevada. Was invited to join the Manhattan Project, but turned down the offer. After the war, taught at MIT and met Dr. Beaker and in 1955 they began to work on Supercar.

Voiced by: George Murcell (Season 1)/ Cyril Shaps (Season 2)
Professor Popkiss
Dr Beaker Doctor Horatio Beaker

Date of birth: 23rd July 1912
Place of birth: Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom
Personal Details: A child prodigy who excelled at school before attending Oxford University, where he coxed for the Boat Race. Left university with degrees in Electronics, Biology and Mathematics and worked for Vickers Aviation before teaching at Cambridge. Worked with the Ministry of Food during the War, and returned to teaching in 1945. Met Professor Popkiss in 1953 during a tour of America, and the two of them began working on the Supercar project in 1955.

Voiced by: David Graham
Jimmy Gibson

Date of birth: 3rd August 1950
Place of birth: Boise City, Idaho, United States of America
Personal Details: Born to zoologist parents, who died whilst on safari in Kenya, leaving the responsibility of raising raising Jimmy to his older brother, Bill. Jimmy was sent to a boarding school whilst Bill built up his business. During the school holidays in 1960, the brothers were involved in a plane crash and were rescued by Supercar, and Jimmy was taken in by the team, allowing Bill to continue with his business. He owns a pet monkey, Mitch.

Voiced by: Sylvia Anderson (credited as Sylvia Thamm for Season 1)
Bill Bill Gibson

Date of birth: 9th February 1938
Place of birth: Boise City, Idaho, United States of America
Personal Details: Educated in Boise City and became a mechanic. Following the death of his parents in 1956, he was given custody of his younger brother, Jimmy, and used the money that they had been left to set up a business in transport. Following the Supercar team's fostering of Jimmy in 1960, the business prospered, and 1962, Bill joined the Air Force, leaving the business with a manager. Successfully applied to NASA. In 1964, he married his childhood sweetheart, Anne Stephens.

Voiced by: unknown
Alexandr Slanovicz (Masterspy)

Date of birth: 29th January 1915
Place of birth: Shkoder, Albania
Personal Details: Born to a well off family and left school in 1929 with little need to work. Served in the Albanian Army during World War II, and was known to be a coward and a bully.
Traveled Europe and America searching for criminals to assist him in increasing his wealth. Unfortunately, he chose the incompetent Zarin. Is obsessed with obtaining Supercar.

Voiced by: George Murcell
Zarin Emil Zarin

Date of birth: 19th December 1918
Place of birth: Kaysari, Turkey
Personal Details: Born to a long line of criminals, Zarin followed in his family's footsteps. However, he was not a very competent thief, and was caught more often than not. He has a weak personality.

Voiced by: David Graham