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A bad rocket launching leads to it being blown up in an area of supposedly 'safe' space, but there is an unregistered pirate radio satellite, Station KLS, a music channel anchored by 'Ric O'Shea', who lives on the satellite with his producer, Hooper. The station, a favourite of TinTin's but despised by Alan, is knocked out of orbit and International Rescue is deployed to rescue the two men.

Alan rescues Hooper, but O'Shea is overcome by fear and vows to stay on the station, much to Alan's annoyance.

Closer to the surface, Virgil has the task of preventing the satellite hitting an oil refinery. He succeeds, but is unable to stop the craft from being destroyed when it hits the ground. He believes that O'Shea, who he could hear broadcasting moments before the crash, to be dead, and is disheartened by International Rescue's first failure. However, when he returns to the base, Alan advises him that O'Shea is alive and well. He started a tape by accident when he panicked on the station, before being rescued.

O'Shea makes a guest appearance on a television show and relates his experience. He is full of thanks for International Rescue, and plays a request song for TinTin, 'High Flyer'.

Note 1:"High Flyer" is a modified, and much improved, version of the original song written for use in the credits of Thunderbirds.
Note 2:
O'Shea and Hooper? Did they run out of inspiration for the names or something towards the end of the series? These are the same names as the poor guys who were stuck in the diving sphere in 'Atlantic Inferno'!

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