Terror In New York City


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Thunderbirds 1 and 2 complete a routine rescue in New York, but are hampered by a reporter, Ned Cook, and his photographer. Scott stays behind to catch Ned and wipe the film containing pictures of both the Thunderbirds and the brothers, leaving Virgil to go on ahead. However, as Virgil is crossing the Pacific, he strays into a military testing area where the Us Navy are testing a new warship. The crew of the new ship are not able to identify the craft that they pick up on their radar, and, under orders, shoot it down!

Scott, who has completed his mission with Ned Cook, catches up to Thunderbird 2 in time to witness the event, and, horrified, contacts both the ship and their father back at the base.

As Jeff berates the military for firing on a civilian craft, Scott guides a stricken Virgil back to Tracy Island. Thunderbird 2 is still in the air, but her guidance computers are not working, and Virgil himself has been injured. By following Scott, he is able to make it back to the island, and make an emergency landing. Fire consumes the craft, and Virgil passes out before he can leave the ship.

Medical attention is sought for Virgil, and Brains makes a start on the extensive repairs required by Thunderbird 2, which includes ordering new parts from many different companies. Virgil is soon on the mend, but before either he or Thunderbird 2 are fit to fly again, disaster strikes again in New York. During the moving of the Empire State building to a new location, the ground beneath the moving equipment gives way, trapping Ned Cook and the photographer underground in a cavern that is filling with water. Due to the instability of the ground, conventional rescue is not possible, and the only way to help them is by using an un
derground river that runs next to the cavern they are in. Thunderbird 4 is needed, but how to get there?

Fortunately, there is a procedure to launch Thunderbird 4 directly from the island, but the little craft cannot possibly carry enough fuel to get Gordon to New York. Whilst Scott goes on to New York in Thunderbird 1, Jeff contacts
the US Navy, who are more than willing to help transport the submarine. However, speed is of the essence, and there is a chance that even with the military's help, Gordon may not make it to New York in time.

Scott arrives in New York, and supplies Ned and his photographer with oxygen cylinders and breathing masks for use if the water level gets too high. They soon have to make use of these, but there is nothing to prevent the cold water from affecting them, and they become dangerously cold.

Thunderbird 4 arrives, but is low on fuel, and fighting the current of the underground river. There is no possible way that he can reach the trapped pair in time! Through radios in the masks, they are told to swim, and Ned manages to summon the energy to rouse his partner and together they swim into the river, towards Thunderbird 4. They are, however, extremely cold and fighting hypothermia. Just as all seems lost, Thunderbird 4 finds them and Gordon brings them aboard the submarine and to safety.

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