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Cameras turn up at the scene of a rescue, but the Thunderbird craft isn't quite what we expect, nor is the man in Alan's uniform, who turns to the camera.

On Tracy Island, no one is very happy about these imposters, and when it transpires that the whole rescue was stage
d in order to steal top secret information from the military, who begin a worldwide search, the real International Rescue are forced to cease operations.

Jeff arranges for all the International Rescue agents to report in if they find anything suspicious. One agent, a hillbilly called Jeramiah who lives in the area of the false rescue discovers the tracks of an aircraft. Jeff dispatches Lady Penelope immediately to assist Jeramiah in clearing International Rescue's name.

Meanwhile, an observation satellite involved in the military search over the South Pacific develops a fault and is taken offline to facilitate repairs. One of the two-man crew goes outside to check the antenna. As he is returning to the airlock, a malfunction causes him to shoot off into space.

In Thunderbird 5, John overhears the man's partner telling the control centre that the astronaut's only chance now, ironically, would be International Rescue.

Penelope arrives at Jeramiah's farm, and insists on attempting to find the crooks alone. She and Parker leave in the Rolls Royce, but have to continue on foot when the Rolls gets stuck in the mud.

Jeff, after much stalling, decides that they must help the drifting astronaut, hoping that Penelope can clear their name before Thunderbird 3 has to return, and the base is located.

Penelope and Parker run into trouble when the time comes to apprehend the imposters, but luckily Jeramiah and his mother have followed them. The imposters, outnumbered and outgunned by Ma's explosive baked beans, give themselves up.

The astronaut is returned to the satellite and the military search is called off in time.

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