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The maiden flight of a new airship designed by Brains is coming up, but Jeff decides that they need a sixth Thunderbird, and sets Brains to task designing it. This means that he can't go on the flight that will tour the world, so Alan, TinTin, Lady Penelope and Parker go in his place, and are the only guests. It is well known throughout the crew that the foursome are members of International Rescue.

However, the ship is hijacked before take-off, and the crew are killed and replaced with a group of criminals working for the Hood. They spend the voyage recording Lady Penelope's voice in order to send International Rescue a message luring them to an airfield where they will be ambushed.

Back on Tracy Island, Brains is still designing model Thunderbirds, but Jeff is not inspired by any of the designs. Brains is getting more and more frustrated by Jeff's dismissal of his ideas.

Back on the Skyship, the phony crew manage to get their message together, but the bugs in Lady Penelope's rooms and the communal areas are discovered. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are sent to the airfield at 'Lady Penelope's' request, but when they get there, they fire on the Hood's hideout, not giving him a chance to steal the crafts.

When the plot is uncovered on the Skyship, a gunfight ensues on the flight deck, and the generators that keep the Skyship airborne are damaged. The ship begins to loose altitude and crashes into a pylon above a nuclear power station. The power station and the surrounding area are evacuated, but as the gravity compensators fail, the ship becomes heavier and heavier, and the pylon cannot take the full weight of the ship. The passengers and crew are trapped!

Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are dispatched, but rescue looks hopeless as the Thunderbirds' engines cause the ship to become unbalanced, and any rescue equipment that they have is too heavy. Whilst Thunderbird 1 attaches a supporting line to the skyship, Thunderbird 2 leaves to find a safe place to land. It lifts up to reveal an old biplane belonging to Alan in the pod! The plane is light enough to land on the deck of the Skyship, but when Brains makes an approach, he finds that the deck is not long enough for an old-fashioned landing, and skids off the end. On his second approach, however, Scott uses a burst from Thunderbird 1's engines to slow down the plane. The tiny aircraft is only large enough for one passenger, but the crooks insist that everyone get on. The plane is overloaded but manages to stay in the air, until a gunfight breaks out between Alan and the captain of the phony crew. A stray bullet pierces the fuel tank, and the plane crashes through a copse of trees and finally to the ground.

The phony crew are all dead, but it seems that Parker has also been lost in the course of events. However, he is soon found hanging from a tree - he had been sat on the wheels of the plane!

When everyone returns to the island, Brains gathers the family, and announces that he has found his Thunderbird Six. Before Jeff can object, he reveals the craft - the old biplane, that has already been tested in the field!

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