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The final touches are being applied to a top-secret organisation based in the Pacific and a brand new aircraft, the Fireflash, is about to go on its maiden voyage from London to Tokyo. One of the passengers is TinTin Kyrano, who is returning home from a European trip.

The Fireflash is sabotaged by a notorious criminal known as the Hood, and the landing gear is destroyed. Without it, the Fireflash cannot make a safe landing, and all aboard are likely to perish.

The new organisation, International Rescue, hears of the disaster, and takes off at once in two magnificent machines. At the helm of Thunderbird 1 is Scott Tracy, and in charge of the sister craft, Thunderbird 2 is his younger brother Virgil. Also in the organisation are younger brothers John, Gordon and Alan, TinTin's boyfriend, their father Jeff, a billionaire ex-astronaut, and the brilliant scientist nicknamed Brains.

Scott lands at the airport, and quickly assesses the situation in preparation for Virgil's arrival. When Thunderbird 2 arrives, a set of cars are deployed that will allow the plane to land safely on top of them. Virgil is in one of the cars, whilst the others are under radio control.

The Fireflash pilot manages to land the plane on the cars as instructed, but suddenly, the master car goes out of control and crashes off to one side. The Fireflash skids to a halt on the runway and the passengers are removed safely, whilst Scott ensures that his brother is safe.

They take TinTin back to their island, and International Rescue celebrates the success of its first mission.

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