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During the testing of the Habiba Desalination Plant in North Africa, everything appears to be proceeding according to plan until it suddenly explodes after 250 hours.

Father Unwin is put on the case when sabotage is suspected and an American buyer threatens to pull out.

The second test in Burgossa suffers the same fate as the first, exploding after only 250 hours of operation.

The third test is due to take place in Port Trennick. Father Unwin and Matthew make plans to discover the cause of the trouble and analyse plans of the plant.

Father Unwin requests assistance from the Bishop, who sends Agent Blake to the plant, only with instructions to wear a crucifix at all times and to take a capsule at 19:30 the following evening.

Father Unwin miniturises Matthew and they set off for a beach near to the desalination plant. They have a picnic on the beach, which Matthew finds quite a challenge at his reduced height.

A submarine submersed off the beach is poised to strike the base. Two divers use a scooter to plant a bomb on a mesh at the plant, blowing a hole in it.

Father Unwin decides to call it a day on their vigil at the beech, but leaves Matthew behind. Matthew dons diving gear and sets off to investigate what is happening below the waterline.

In the plant control room, Agent Blake takes his capsule as ordered and collapses almost immediately. The base doctor pronounces that Blake is dying. There is nothing that he can do except summon a priest.

Matthew discovers the hole in the mesh guarding one of the intake pipes for the plant.

Meanwhile, Blake's life signs are fading fast, and the search is still on to find a priest to perform the Last Rights for him. The gatekeeper is struggling, but when Father Unwin shows up asking for directions, he seizes the chance and Unwin is escorted to the control room.

The divers fire a missile through the hole in the mesh, but is caught by a net that Matthew has rigged up. Matthew suspects that the missile is timed to detonate, and so still poses a threat to the plant, but he cannot pull it clear whilst the pumps are still in action.

Father Unwin appeals to the plant operators to close the pumps off, and they do so. Matthew manages to pull the bomb clear, and redirects it towards the submarine.

In the control room, the operators are amazed by Father Unwin's 'foresight'. Just as they are contemplating this miracle, Agent Blake revives, apparently none-the-worse for his ordeal.

The submariners are picked up by police helicopter when they flee the damaged sub.

Written by Donald James
Directed by Leo Easton
Transmission date: 28 September 1969
PDF file 2.