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Set in the year 1969, The Secret Service is based on the assignments of British Intelligence Service agents Father Stanley Unwin and Matthew Harding, the two members of Operation Priest (abbreviated to BISHOP)

PDF script files for the Region 2 DVD are listed in the guide.

1. A Case For The Bishop
Father Unwin and Matthew are put onto the case when the Ambassador of Dreisenberg attempts to smuggle a stolen mini-computer out of the country.

2. A Question Of Miracles
Father Unwin and Matthew are sent to investigate the sabotage of several desalination plants with the help of Agent Blake.

3. To Catch a Spy
Father Unwin and Matthew are put on the case when enemy spy George Grey escapes from a maximum security prison and disappears over the estate of Sir Humphrey Barton.

4. The Feathered Spies
Father Unwin and Matthew are sent plug a security leak for a top-secret project.

5. Last Train To Bufflers Halt
Father Unwin is assigned to accompany a bullion train after an attempted robbery.

6. Hole in One
Father Unwin and Matthew are puzzled when they are assigned to investigate a security leak regarding an early warning satellite.

7. Recall to Service
Father Unwin must pose as an army officer in order to prevent the sabotage of an experimenta new tank.

8. Errand of Mercy
When Father Unwin is taken ill, he has an extraordinary dream. Can he and Matthew survive their dangerous journey in Gabriel, the flying car, and deliver medical supplies to plague-ridden Africa?

9. The Deadly Whisper
Father Unwin encounters trouble in his parish when a local scientist is held hostage and forced to complete work on a prototype ultrasonic rifle so that mercenaries can shoot down a new jet.

10. The Cure
Father Unwin visits a health farm in order to keep tabs on one of the residents, a notorious spy named Sakov, and is baffled when Sakov manages to engineer the crash of a test car whilst secured in a treatment room.

11. School For Spies
Father Unwin infiltrates a gang of saboteurs posing as priests, but will he be discovered before he reveals their nefarious schemes?

12. May-Day, May-Day!
Father Unwin is assigned to protect the King of Muldovia from his brother's assassination attempts. When the flight crew of their plane is incapacitated, Father Unwin ends up having to pilot the plane himself!

13. More Haste Less Speed
Father Unwin and Matthew are sent to retrieve two counterfitting plates from the devious sibling duo of Lord Edward and Lady Martha Hazlewell.

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