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Father Stanley Unwin
Father Unwin leads a double life - to his parishioners he is a humble priest, but behind closed doors he is a Secret Service agent, ready to save the country one criminal mastermind at a time.

Voiced by Stanley Unwin

Agent Matthew Harding
Matthew is Father Unwin's right hand man, and often makes use of an ingenious invention that reduces him to approximately two feet tall in order to infiltrate enemy strongholds. He poses as Father Unwin's gardener in order to remain close at hand in case of an emergency.

Voiced by Gary Files

Mrs Appleby
Mrs. Appleby keeps house for Father Unwin, and has no idea as to his true identity. She dislikes Matthew, who never seems to be doing his job and disappears for hours at a time.

Voiced by Sylvia Anderson

The Bishop
The head of British Intelligence Service Headquarters, Operation Priest, the Bishop has a few select Secret Service agents working for him, including Father Unwin, Matthew Harding and Paul Blake.

Voiced by Jeremy Wilkin

Agent Paul Blake
Agent Blake is often sent to assist Father Unwin and Matthew in their tasks, although he rarely meets them face-to-face.
Due to their remarkable resemblance, it has been theorised in fan fiction that Agent Blake is the grandfather of Spectrum agent Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe).

Voiced by Keith Alexander